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We're Saved

Frank J. has a plan to deal with the asteroids. Sort of.

Here's what we'll do: We'll paint Mars blue. The asteroids will see Mars, think it's us, and hit it instead. It's simple and it will work. So you're asking, "Why not paint Venus? It's the same size and should make a more convincing Earth." That's idiotic. For one thing, it's super-hot there, so how the hell do you plan on painting it? Also, it's further away from the asteroid belt than us, so the asteroids will see the real Earth before seeing the decoy Earth. Painting Venus is a truly idiotic plan. You're disgustingly stupid for even suggesting it. This is why I sometimes think of just giving up blogging because I just can't deal with people as stupid as you are.

I know how he feels. Sort of.


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I think Atari had the right idea.

ken anthony wrote:

Atari??? Now this is really why Frank is thinking of giving up blogging! Smashing big asteroids into little asteroids makes them harder to find and increases the odds of getting hit. Blue paint is the only answer! Then when the hyperspace bypass comes through we may be able to avoid Vogon poetry as they destroy the wrong planet... but then, without Mars to protect us we'd be back to square one regarding asteroid impacts.

philw1776 wrote:

what a maroon!

Paint Venus?

Just how are you gonna paint clouds???

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