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A Farewell To Straw Men?

Probably not, but we can always hope. I have a piece over at Pajamas today about fallacious and demagogic debating tactics.


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Bill White wrote:

Irony meters are exploding across the nation from the overload.

Rand, your entire piece creates a gigantic straw man about "liberals" and then undertakes to demolish the straw man you created. Which makes your piece very very funny but probably not in the sense you intended.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I said nothing about "liberals," Bill. The word doesn't appear in the piece.

You really need to work on the reading comprehension thing.

ken anthony wrote:

One of your best articles. Clear and to the point.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

This liberal found nothing offensive, then again I'm not "liberal" (nor US) ^_^

Bill what gigantic straw man was supposedly created? Asking since I didn't see it (doesn't mean it can't be there).

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