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A Milestone For New Space

XCOR has attracted the funding of an institutional investor. It's not just angels any more.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Congratulations to XCOR! The sky isn't the limit.

Brock wrote:

Is SpaceX not part of New Space? Or does the Founders' Fund $20M investment in SpaceX not count for some other reason.

Very good news though, regardless. The American capital markets have "infinite" capital to throw at problems, as far as an industry the size of NewSpace is concerned. Someone just needed to turn on the spigot. And those finance guys, for all their smarts, are pretty much herd animals. The mere fact that one PE firm has invested, all by itself, increases the odds of others doing so. No one wants to miss a party.

Desert Sky Holdings seems like a very small, very new company however. I'm not sure how much "cred" they lend to XCOR. Positive cash flow will still speak louder than any other signal.

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