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Adrenaline Junkie

Eric Raymond is.

I am not. I've never been in a serious , or even mock fight, and never had a desire to be. I probably wouldn't have made it far in an earlier time. One of the many reasons I'm glad to live here and now.


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Mike Puckett wrote:

"What Paula and Beth pulled out of me is that I like the way I feel when I fight. Sharp, focused, totally in the moment. The best is when is when time slows and stretches, pulls like taffy, and my senses become razor-sharp. Itís a high, almost as good as sex."

Yep, that is the description of an adreneline high all right.

Josh Reiter wrote:

*grows wild eyed*

Yeaaa!!Nuttin's better then laying down a good ole' whoopin' on someone.

Though my size generally tends to keep me out of fights. I was at Pete's piano bar one night and was pressing my way through the crazed out throng of people and some guy was trying to show his buds some, move, or something. HE backed into ME, bowed his arms out, and slowly turned around with a Hulkster scowl on his face. Only to have his eyes met me squarely in the chest. He slowly cocked his head back and looked up at me for a sec. Then, looked away, broke out a grin, nodded, and slapped me on the arm like it was no big deal all of a sudden. I was like, "whatever", and just kept heading to the bar to get me a beer. "More beer, less fisticuffs" is my motto.

B-chan wrote:

Having been in several man-to-man fistfights, I can say that fighting is actually kind of fun. It doesn't even really hurt that much until afterwards, when the natural pain-suppressing brain chemicals wear off. "Fight in haste, repent in leisure".

Steve wrote:

It's been years since I was in a fight. I have only been in a handful even so. I never started a fight, but I've finished a few. B-chan is right, it hurts later. I'm missing a molar from a barroom extraction in the PI, from way back when I was a squid. I quit fighting, but now I carry a weapon. I've had to pull it twice, it makes the point, and I get to keep my knuckle skin, and molars!

What I don't get, is the seeking of violence. Is the fight club, SCA thing because we have no rights of passage left?

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