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Appropriately Shod

Check out James "Lizardhead" Carville's footwear. Subtle.

I'm actually a little surprised that he wears shoes at all. I've never seen him below the waist before.

[Via Mike Puckett]


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Cecil Trotter wrote:

I saw him and his wife on Leno a few months back, as I recall he was wearing some rather wild looking sneakers then too.

Rand Simberg wrote:


They're Pumas.

That's why I said "subtle"...

Martin wrote:

They hide his cloven hooves.

James Carville, who looks rather like a minor character from a Tolkien novel, is one of many loathsome legacies of the loathsome Clintons. He can be added to their ever-growing roster of shame, along with popularizing the phrase "grow the economy", or the notion that the President "runs the country", or making oral sex a topic in the nightly news.

Billy Beck wrote:

That bastard is jerking-off right in front of everybody.

Cecil Trotter wrote:

Ahhhh... Pumas. Not being a footwear aficionado, I wouldn't know a Puma from Buster Browns...

Good one Carville!

Dennis Wingo wrote:


That is beyond funny.

Steve wrote:

The guy has no fat on his face. He looks like a skull, with thin, beige copier paper stretched over it.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

There are plenty of reasons to take issue with Mr. James Carville and the positions he advocates and the people he defends. That he choses to shave his head hair instead of wear it in a comb over or he wears what people are thinking are stupid-looking shoes is really immaterial to considering Mr. Carville as a public person or a public spokesperson.

There are positions that people take that express deep-seated convictions based on individual life experience; there are other positions that people take in politics that are a matter of cheering for the home team. Much as I enjoy the Green Bay Packers and like to see them win, I see their chances of winning the Super Bowl these year as somewhat remote, and I don't see it as fan disloyalty to talk realistically about the Packers' chances.

Mr. Carville is someone I see as the embodiment of the hyper-partisan viewpoint. The sports-fan analogy is that of the "Super Fan", lampooned on SNL with the sketch about "Da Bears", where a member of the panel asked "Suppose on one hand you had coach Mike Ditka, and on the other hand you had a hurricane named 'Ditka', which one would be stronger?" The panel, of course, was stumped by this question, because in their view, there was no known force that could impede their beloved Coach Ditka.

James Carville had a habit of being hyper-annoying by defending the indefensible with regard to some of the foibles and the pecadillos of his patrons, ascribing the least bit of criticism of his sponsors to some manner of vile motive. The famous remark about waving a 100-dollar bill in a trailer park was right up there. What was even beyond hyper-annoying is that there are people who were persuaded or at least shored up in their support for the Clintons by his clumsy cheerleading for them.

But let's engage James Carville on the issues and not on tonsorial or wardrobe disagreements.

Hugh Jorgen wrote:

I'd guess Carville's flip flops were confiscated at the airport security checkpoint.

Larry J wrote:

Paul, perhaps you haven't heard that PUMA stands for "Party Unity My Ass" and is what some of the really hard core Hillary supporters are saying. Rand was pointing out (and I would've never noticed) is that it's funny Carville is wearing Puma brand shoes. Coincidence or deliberate? Either way, it's good for a chuckle.

Other than that, I agree with you about Carville.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

Thanks for the clue-in about PUMA shoes.

The Russian Communists would say that something is "no accident", and I would concur that James Carville was being clever about his footwear. This still doesn't justify the cloven-hooves remark. Being and a**hat doesn't make you the Devil.

Martin wrote:

"Paul Milenkovic wrote:

This still doesn't justify the cloven-hooves remark. Being and a**hat doesn't make you the Devil."

I didn't mean to imply that Carville is the devil, or even some lesser demon. I meant to imply merely that he is a swine.

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