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Back To The Sunshine State

I'm catching a plane back to Florida in a bit, so probably no more posting until tomorrow, since I don't get in until late tonight. I get to go through DFW, so they get (at least) two chances to lose my suitcase this time. But they apparently only need one.

[Saturday morning update]

Arrived late last night, with suitcase. Now to catch up on all the things that didn't happen while I was out of town.


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Leland wrote:

Just drop the luggage off to homeless person on the way to the airport. They won't even demand $15 to take the luggage off your hands. You can even deduct the donation on your taxes... actually that might say more about the tax code than American Airlines.

ken anthony wrote:

This has to be a planned aggression by Russia if 150 tanks roll in the following day considering the logistics that must be involved.

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memomachine wrote:


My dad doesn't even bother anymore. Instead he simply ships his luggage via UPS to his destination ahead of time. That way his luggage is already there when he arrives. And he doesn't carry more than one small carry-on bag with medication and necessities.

Much less of a hassle and fewer concerns about airport baggage handlers stealing stuff.

As an aside I view the inability to deal adequately with theft by baggage handlers to be an indication that the whole airport security nonsense is precisely that.

Carl Pham wrote:

This has to be a planned aggression by Russia

That fucker Putin. The more I read about this hideous terrorism in Georgia, the angrier I get. It also pisses me off that GWB has long had this What Me Worry? attitude towards Russia, and more or less just trusts that ex-torturer Putin to do whatever he wants. I mean, sure the Middle East is important, and hurrah for the experiment in Iraq, but Russia is a much bigger and more important country, and it's sliding right back into autocracy and paranoid imperialism. It's more of a loose cannon now than it was in 1988. You'd think he and Rice could spare a little attention to it.

I'm liking McCain more these days: he had a definite and stiff immediate statement supporting the Georgians and condemning Russia's evil. If he were President, maybe there'd be something more than emissaries and "peace negotiators" and other such limp-dick useless Europosturing candle-light vigilism going on. Maybe supplying air superiority cover over Georgian national territory and Black Sea coast, which I realize would be rather dangerous, would feel good to spit in the bear's eye.

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