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Hell Hath No Fury

Like a woman's supporters scorned:

And what will the Puma members do after the Convention? Murphy concedes, "We're realists. ... We know the DNC is committed to the path of nominating their chosen candidate." In November she explains, "We are protesting the election." Members will sit home, write in Hillary's name or vote for John McCain. She explains, "That up to them. That's part of our whole philosophy."

Kronert says that he won't be voting for Obama and thinks "Obama is running his campaign on the 'Change, Hope, a new kind of Politics' marketing gimmick." He also is one voter who thinks experience matters ("Obama is a two year senator with one year of that being on the campaign trail.")

Shanon from Maryland, another Puma member who donated to Hillary and voted Democratic in five straight past elections won't vote for Obama, listing his lack of experience, qualifications and track record among her concerns. She says, "I will vote McCain, third-party, stay home or write Hillary Clinton in. At this point, Ichabod Crane is looking better than the choices I have. But make no mistake, I have a choice." Eli, a self-described "Clinton Democrat" from Massachusetts, says he's not voting for Obama because "Quite simply, he is not qualified."

The healing continues.


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Carl Pham wrote:

There is something going on with older women. I know a few for whom who voting Democratic is as natural as breathing, and they are seriously considering McCain, because there is something about the Dalibama or his operation that really pisses them off.

I wonder what it is? If I ask them, they give vague and contradictory answers. Maybe it's one of those things you need to be a woman to understand. Very strange.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Here's my theory: experienced (old who? Danger! Danger! Will Robinson) women don't like overly arrogant slick men putting them and theirs down. If it's done smoothly it's patronizing and if it's done brutally it's neanderthalian so some kind of men just can't win.

Obama practically oozes deluded twenty-something "hot-shot" alpha-wannabee of the kind that triggers fist fights and bar brawls among men so who can blame them?

I'm not sure what's more scary: that I might understand oldexperienced women or that I have a delusion that I might ^_^

Leland wrote:

So, thanks to Glen, I learn that today is Barack's Birthday. However, CBS's coverage contains more interesting news hidden in a benign story:

On the heels of his trip to Michigan, Obama sent a letter to the DNC Credentials Committee just yesterday asking them to allow the delegates from Michigan and Florida to be allowed to cast full votes - rather than the half votes ruled diromg May's DNC meeting - at the Democratic National Convention.

"I believe Party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories," wrote Obama.

Uh, if he does that then Hillary closes the gap. He still wins because super delegates shifted to him, but right now he has dropped nearly 9 points in the poll after spending a fortune on his world tour. If he continues to drop during the Olympics, then things might change at the convention.

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