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Interesting Rumor

Lieberman may switch parties at the Republican convention. If he caucuses with Republicans, that would make it tied in the Senate, which means that Dick Cheney would be the tie breaker, and the Republicans would take over, at least until January. Bye, bye, Majority (non)Leader Reid...


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jrman wrote:

isn't there a pact or a rule change this term that means Reid would keep it even if that happens?

john smythe wrote:

The organizing resolution SR 1 does not include
any option for a new resolution. This is why there
was no discussion of a change in control when
Kennedy or Johnson got sick.

Now I am sure a certain amount of chaos can be induced
by Lieberman leaving the Democratic caucus and going to
the GOP, but, he will not be able to do much.

In order to pass a new organizing resolution at least
60 senators need to vote to close that. Not a chance that
will occur.

Lieberman should run as VP with McCain, he has no future
in the Senate.

Raoul Ortega wrote:

Yeah. The Dems made sure the Stupid Party can't return the Jeffords favor.

And naming Lieberman for VP is a sure way to make sure the Gov of Illinois is the guy who gets to name a new Senator for his state next January.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Lieberman should run as VP with McCain, he has no future
in the Senate.

Nah, I think the senator still has a future especially if the party split in the Senate remains narrow. I do find it odd how Democrats seem to cast themselves as the injured party even though a good portion of them backstabbed Lieberman in the last Senate race. Now they're reaping what they sowed.

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