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Do Democrats hate men?

It sure seems like it sometimes. And of course, if we object, we're misogynists (and probably racists as well).


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Fidel, MD wrote:

Looking at The One's tax policy it seems he doesn't think much of married women, either.....the proposed tax rates on two-income families are terrible.

But, the Oprah slugs will vote for him. They don't work (which is why they can sit around watching Oprah) so they think it doesn't affect them.

K wrote:

Men in general and white (and asian) hetero males in particular are being abused by both parties. The worst domestic violence legislation to date was passed under the Republican congress. Get arrested for your wife hitting you with a dinner plate and they'll come and "legally" take your guns away.

Multicultural politics has divided the country into politically organized special interest groups. Unfortunately, the men's group isn't even a weak sister when it comes to pushback. The latest book on male political inferiority, "Save the Males" was written by a woman (Praise be upon her). This just indicates that men can't even stand up for themselves in the political arena when it comes to out of control government sexism.

For years, I was shocked and angry about what was happening to men, but as it has continued and gotten much worse, I've become shocked and angry at the men themselves. If men won't even get off their lazy butts to protest what would be considered unacceptible outrages by any other "victim class" then perhaps they deserve second class citizenship. And boy are they going to get it.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

There's a word for it: start with "pu", add three letters, and end it with "whipped".

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