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SpaceX Milestone

They did a full nine-engine static test of the Falcon 9 yesterday. No mention of burn duration, but I assume that it wasn't a simulation of a full ascent. I also assume that they have run individual engines at full duration. If they launch Falcon 1 this weekend or early next week, it will have been a pretty momentous week for New Space, with the WK2 rollout, the rocket racer debut, and the SpaceX achievements.


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Dennis Wingo wrote:

I have to say that this is a very impressive test success and I absolutely applaud them for it! It seems that the F9 development program is proceeding in a more methodical way than the F1. We all have to learn our lessons, sometimes expensive and most of the time the hard way.

Carlos wrote:

Making an easy joke, I think that is SpaceX workhorses are going to be name F1 and F9, Ares 1 should start to be named Eros I, as the first "vibrator" of the Space (as I read in other place)

And the entire "Constellation Project" should start to be named "CTRL-ALT-DEL Project", because it seems to be its future.

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