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Summer Reading

Ken Murphy has a bunch of reviews of solar fiction for kids.

Hook 'em while they're young.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

Boy, I thought you really mean solar power themed fiction. There's that Heinlein book about that, if anyone can remember its title. I was going to ask for space whaling fiction next. :-)

john hare wrote:

I was going to ask for space whaling fiction next. :-)

Star Trek
The Captain's Table
book six

Ken Murphy wrote:

Sorry Karl, I can't think of the Heinlein SBSP story. The only one that comes to mind is 'Sunstroke' by David Kagan, which really isn't a juvenile.

In this case we're talking about science fiction set in the Solar system, which according to the 3 Laws of Hobbyspace means set in our own solar system, is hard science fiction, and relatively near-future. Clark's got a whole slew of titles at:

Thanks for the shout-out, Rand.

Jack McCready wrote:

Ken was right!
Sunstroke is a sensational solar themed novel. Hard Science SF. Art Bell's favorite author. Heard Mr. Bell interview Dr David Kagan on his Coast to Coast radio show. Bought it and read it three times. Wish he'd write more.

Jack McCready wrote:

Sunstroke by Dr David Kagan is now becoming reality. Japan and the US are building Space Based Solar Power Systems that Kagan predicted. Hope they won't end up as horrific.

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