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Surviving The Storm

It hasn't been that big a deal for me here in Boca. Windy and rainy, but nothing damaged, and not so windy that I can't go outside. We lost power this morning for a few minutes, but not long enough to knock down the computers on the UPS. And the pool is full, which is always good.


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tom wrote:

Wow, what a big nothing down here in Key West. We all shuttered up, prepped for surge, loss of power, winds, etc. The worst I saw on Trumbo Point was maybe 35-40 knot winds between noon and 3:30 pm. After 3:30, in Key West it was literally dead calm --no wind whatsoever until almost 9pm, and then it never got over 15 knots again.

Meanwhile, we had some people from work up in Big Pine who were getting hammered and 6 inches of rain, and the wind stayed up through this morning.

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