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The New Brown Shirts

Glenn explains:

No doubt they all go around exchanging Obama Salutes and clicking their heels...

But don't call them a cult!

I guess that it really is all about the "O." Sabine Ehrenfeld is still a lot hotter, though. At this point, given the other choices on the menu, I'm ready to sign up for a Sabine/Paris ticket. Too bad she was born in Germany.

I suspect that Senator Obama's fans may prove to be his worst enemies.

[Update a while later]

Ace has more.



Raoul Ortega wrote:

And they're into brownshirt intimidation tactics, too.

kurt9 wrote:

I think these guys are their own worse enemy. These "warning" letters will simply piss off the right wing donors who receive them.

Jack wrote:

Raoul, Kurt that's a good point, add that to what Rand showed with the O-salute and other stuff.

I mean do these guys realize how this looks? Such cultish and threatening tactics do not help Obama.
All they do is make Obama supporters (and Obama due to association) look more fringe, powerhungry, and scary.

What's worse is that people will look at these loons and connect them, for the most part incorrectly, to Obama. This is because Obama's done other gaffes like his new seal, the presidential style plane, and the giant rally in Germany. To the casual eye, the Obama salute seems just another part of a campaign that's willing to do those other things.

Though I'm sure if McCain uses footage of a stadium chanting, saluting, Obama supporters, he'll be the one blamed for fascist tactics. Just like how McCain was blamed for using phallic imagery in an ad, when it was Obama that chose to speak before a pillar to Prussian (and modified by the Nazis) military power.

Mike James wrote:

The O salute reminds me of nothing so much as the concert scene from "Pink Floyd The Wall"--the one where Pink's followers made fists and crossed them over their heads.

Except the Pink Floyd salute looked threatening in the film, and the O salute will prompt involuntary giggling.

Formerly known as Skeptic wrote:

Even better, as has been pointed in a few places, a similar symbol was used in the original Star Trek by the "Space Hippies". See:

Jay Manifold wrote:

One-handed? No problem ... be seeing you.

Josh Reiter wrote:

I foresee that if Obama does get elected that people will hold up one hand in the O fashion and then poked their index finger through the middle of the O with the other -- 'cause were all gonna be screwed.

Mike James wrote:

Josh Reiter, you have just decided for me the response which I will give when some silly adolescent gives me a high, hard "O" salute.

Mike James wrote:

Or maybe I'll touch my right fist to my temple, thumb down, and say, "Solidarity, Brother!", like they do in the Judean People's Front, or was it the People's Front of Judea, or was it the Judean Popular People's Front, wait, it was the Palestinian Suicide Squad...

Mein Fuhrer! Yes we can walk!

But what is Obama's policy on the mineshaft gap?

Incidentally, I notice that Glenn Reynolds also suggests a "goatse" reference (and as he says, if you don't know what that means be careful about googling it, especially if you're at work). I'm fairly sure that's not what Obama had in mind, unless it's a way of warning the American taxpayer what to expect.

Leland wrote:

I'm not sure the "O salute" bothers me. It's no more facist than UofTexas fans holding up their longhorn hand gesture or A&M fan's holding up a gig'em thumbs up. Other universities have their own hand gestures. Of course, it does suggest a level of maturity, but not a terribly bad one other than the thought of the wack professor with hippie followers.

What's scary is the name of the company: "The Loyalty Inc." So what if your not loyal? I'm not talking about John Edwards type of loyalty. I mean like you decide from the beginning not to favor Obama. Are you disloyal because you never been loyal?

What if you supported Obama before, but changed your mind, are you now an infidel? Even Islam respects true believers of other faiths, so long as they are loyal to those faiths. It's only when disloyal to any faith or Islam that you are an infidel.

Whatever the case, the "Wrinkly White Hair Dude and the other guy" could make better commercials if they dropped Paris and went the Overstock route.

Bruce Hoult wrote:

You had me at "Richard Bach inspired 350 hour private pilot of taildraggers".

Carl Pham wrote:

You know, a YouTube video of a thousand Obama girl fans waving their hands overhead, looking very much like they're giving a handjob to a massive prick, is going to make me roll on the floor laughing. May it happen.

Andy Freeman wrote:

So, I can fire folks for contributing to Dems and other stupid causes?

How about for just being registered Dem?

Can I also demand that they bring in their absentee ballot and make sure that they're voting the right way? If the Dems think that card check is good enough for a union election....

D. Anghelone wrote:

Story of O

"Story of O (French: Histoire d'O) is an erotic novel published in 1954 about Dominance/submissiveness (D/s) by French author Anne Desclos under the pen name Pauline Réage"

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