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There Goes One Of Hillary!'s Votes

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who would have been a potential big superdelegate for Hillary! in the event of an insurrection, has reportedly died from an aneurysm. Condolences to friends and family.


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Richard Swan wrote:

There is differing news on this. Some reports indicate she is dead, others that she is alive but in a coma. Hopefully, she is in a coma and will recover fully.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Yes, I had heard that they'd removed life support earlier, but now they're reporting on Fox News that she's still on it. It doesn't sound good, though.

Tim Venten wrote:

So, a woman dies and you instantly see it as an opportunity to make a snarky connection to Hillary Clinton?


Rand Simberg wrote:

That wasn't snark. It was reality, and part of the story.

notanexpert wrote:

I sort of met her once. She was the judge of a murder case in Cleveland on which I was a member of the jury. It was a short case and we acquitted. Afterwards she came back and talked to us. She told us she agreed with our decision and seemed very down to earth and cheerful, yet serious, and quite likable.

An older woman on the jury had a particularly hard time voting not guilty, believing that the defendant was a bad guy and was likely to hurt or kill someone else if we let him go. She broke down in tears during our brief discussion and the judge went over to her, held her hand and comforted her while she gently explained again that we had made the right decision. She seemed genuinely concerned for the old woman's feelings.

Last night they were saying "little brain activity." This morning they reported that she had died. I was sad to hear the news.

Andy Freeman wrote:

> So, a woman dies and you instantly see it as an opportunity to make a snarky connection to Hillary Clinton?

Perhaps the complainer will provide acceptable wording that encompassed both the woman's death and her support for Sen Clinton, the latter being a fact that was mentioned by every mainstream news source as well.

Surely we're not yet at the point where supporting Sen Clinton is something that a Dem should be ashamed of.

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