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What Was He Thinking?

There are a lot of people Obama could have picked that would have helped him with the south and west. But gun control remains a big issue in those regions. Obama has a problem because he professes support for the Second Amendment, as long as it doesn't actually nullify any gun laws. So you'd think he'd not have picked a running mate who gets an "F" from the NRA. This isn't going to help him with the bitter gun clingers.

[Late afternoon update]

A golden oldie from the primaries: Biden disses a gun owner. Well, the guy was probably bitter anyway.


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Brian G. wrote:

Ken, I wouldn't use that as a guage. Kerry had WAY more paid staff than Bush did, while Bush had WAY more volunteers. Think about that.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Also, he's been spending money as fast as it's been coming in for the last couple months, and he's been dropping in the polls, while McCain and the RNC have a war chest. I hope that Obama will disprove McCain's unconstitutional thesis about money and "clean government."

Brad wrote:

Obama is sending a message with the selection of Biden for VP...

...and that message is a big middle finger to American gun owners.

Mike James wrote:

I seem to recall predictions that, since the Heller decision, that 2nd Amendment types would relax, and be not as likely to donate money or time to the McCain campaign. The choice of Biden for the ticket might signal them that they ought to take a greater interest in defending their interests.

Wile E. Obama--Supergenius!

J R wrote:

Im sendin' money and I'm clingin'.

Peter wrote:

You are supposing that Obama IS thinking. The left side of the Democrats prove how smart they are by calling the people that have beat them hollow stupid. They still claim that Bush is stupid, after him beating them twice. Now they call McCain stupit. Meanwhile there is no evidence that Obama has ever had an origional thought.

Barbara Skolaut wrote:

"Meanwhile there is no evidence that Obama has ever had an original thought."

Yee-ouch, Peter. That's gonna leave a mark.

Not that it isn't true.... :-D

Mike wrote:

What's missing here is the fact that 2 Senators are running for the Presidency.
The only Senator elected President in the last, what? Century was JFK, thanks to the Chicago Demo machine.
Anyway, both needed a popular Governor to offset their lack of executive experience, most especially "the one".
BO has punted, and, if McCain chooses, from the myriad of good Governor candidates, its a lock.
However, we Repubs are not renowned as the "stupid party" because we do whats best, so I'm living in fear McCain will hand the election to BO/Biden by choosing Lieberman.

bobby b wrote:

Heller is giving a bit of reassurance to people who have been dismayed for some time at the casual ease with which some people are able to dismiss Constitutional provisions they dislike, while insisting that we all honor as sacrosanct other faux provisions that they themselves cherish but which can only be found in the actual document by penumbraing someone's implication.

But, true to form, the professional we-all-exist-to-serve-government class has powered its way through this seeming roadblock. Note how the City of DC simply issued new ordinances concerning gun control, the content of which primarily gives the United States Supreme Court the finger.

And yet, tomorrow, those same Soylent Green types will react with horror and disgust should anyone question the supreme moral guidance of the Constitution as it is expressed in Lawrence.

Robert wrote:

Do you know why the urban politicians support gun bans?

The gang bangers that create the vast majority of gun crimes in America are part of the urban political boss machine. This may be a reason why politicians like Mayor Nutter, various members of the Black Caucus and Obama supports disarmament of the working class and small entrepreneurs(ie. gun control) as a “solution” to street crime while slapping the wrists of the gang bangers.

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