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Jim Albrecht is tired of having his home state slandered.


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Bill Maron wrote:

I don't know how many commenters have been to Alaska but the week I spent there was like his neighborhood. Some of the friendliest people I have ever met were the Buddhist monks sitting on the bench in front of a barber shop. I have the picture, they're all bald.

Paul Breed wrote:

I was born in Kodiak,AK and spent my teenage years in and around Ketchikan,AK. I've also lived for ten years in a very small town in New Hampshire. It's not just the small town aspect, Alaska is different, friendlier and more tolerant. Part of me has always wondered if this is a result of being heavily armed. A well armed community is a polite community.

AS a side note many have commented on the percapita Federal funds going to Alaska. I believe that this is the result of significant Military presence in the state, thinks like the early warning radars, the big air force base, etc... Based on what I've googled there are between 17K and 25K military stationed in Alaska. For every military person staioned there are usually about one federal base employee this would put a federal payroll of 35 to 50K people in state. The census gives this number as about 40K. The whole population is about 450K people so the federal and military employees are about (40+25=65) or 14% of the population. This ratio will skew the Alaska "tax" return on revenue collected numbers so often quoted by morons in this blog.

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