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Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Cuomo?!

Let's hope that this is just an empty campaign promise to get into the White House, and that he'll come to his senses once he's actually elected.


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philw1776 wrote:

Sadly, such ill-considered 'maverick' reactions from McCain are all too commonplace. I voted for him in the 2000 primary because I did not like Bush but I came to regret voting for McCain in the years afterwards.

Of course I will vote for McCain because his opponent is an empty suit socialist.

Jonathan wrote:

McCain at his worst is very bad indeed.

Carl Pham wrote:

Ha ha, don't count on it. The only way a Republican gets elected in these postmodern days is with a big slice of bash the evil rich and big business populism. If you recall, this was George Bush's trick in 2000, and it was barely enough.

There's no cure, not with a population half of which has no memory whatsoever of the 1960s and 1970s excesses of collectivism, and which has been raised on a steady diet (cf. Hollywood, moves made by, or video games, any) of pseudo-Jeffersonian populist socialism-lite utopian theoretical crap, which did not include an accurate history of the 1970s, you may be sure.

At least, not until we grow a hideous 1970s style state, and it brings the country to its knees the same way it did in Jimmy Carter's first term, when it was plausible to think that the end of the American Age was around the corner, and we'd have to get used to being beat up by the likes of Hong Kong and Iran. That will certainly wake folks up, and produce another Reagan Revolution. But who wants to live through that kind of darkness just for the pleasure of seeing the Sun rise afterward?

I guess I'll take McCain, and he can make all these doofus kind of People magazine decisions to keep the youngsters happy. He gets enough other stuff right. Better half a loaf, as they say.

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