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Anything Is Possible, I Guess

Is Bill Clinton actually concerned about the country?

...we must remember that Clinton is a centrist (like Bush and, even more, McCain). No one knows, perhaps even Obama himself, what Obama is. Maybe, like many of us, Bill Clinton is genuinely worried. He would know, wouldn't he?

People will look back on this year as they did 1972, and wonder how Obama got the nomination, and why the superdelegates didn't do their jobs.


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Mike Gerson wrote:

Well, given who his advisers are, if Obama is something else he is faking it darn well.

It's quite funny how nicely you've come around on the Clintons!!

Rand Simberg wrote:

In what way have I "come around on the Clintons"?

NAZI Judge wrote:

Why should Clinton care what happens to you assholes, you're like a bunch of spoiled belligerent children, the Bush NAZI Youth. Nobody gives a fuck what you say, do or think anymore. The war is over. You lost. You need to get your asses out of those ridiculous lederhosen and back to your elementary schools where you belong.

I'm Barack Hussien Obama wrote:

...and I approved the above message by my judge supporter who is a NAZI.

Carl Pham wrote:

Well, I do think actually being President may well give you a stronger sense of responsibility, of the amazing damage that irresponsible demagoguery can do. It's probably not wholly coincidental that Clinton and Bush (either of them) get along. It's different when you've been the one at whom the buck stops. You may have less tolerance for the prancing around in tights and bells Sex in the City kind of fame-walk Obama does well.

But I don't know that we need to invoke Clinton's seriousness, which is certainly greater than Obama's or that of his mentally unhinged robot legions (vide supra). We can equally well invoke Clinton's vast ego. The modern netroots text-messaging Democratic Party, in enthusiastically embracing its McGovern disco-era 1970s past, has flung away Clinton's 1990s "third way" reform Democraticism with pretty open and sneering contempt. We don't need reform, you God-damned Arkansas hick with a disgusting taste for big-ass big-hair trailer trash trollops.

No surprise if Clinton's offended by their tight-sphinctered stilleto contempt, and, moreover, hopes they lose so humiliatingly that the party turns once again to his brand of politics and once again looks to him for leadership.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

I know it's farfetched but it in addition to the possibilities already mentioned it could also be that Clinton is experiencing shame on behalf of being associated with the Democratic Party.

Who am I kidding ^_^

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