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What is it with the left and its hatred of cowboys?

And they wonder why they can't pull a majority of the vote.


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Steve wrote:

Here's the "math".

John Wayne played a lot of cowboys. Even his soldiers and sailors were cowboys and were always and certainly old fashioned, patriotic, All-American.

John Wayne was in actuality old fashioned, patriotic, and All-American. He is then to be hated for this by liberals.

Cowboys were self-sufficient, bold, often single acting in the face of danger, and willing to die for their beliefs. Hate for the Cowboy / John Wayne image is the natural course for hate to go, if as a Progressive, you think that the old fashioned, patriotic, All-American way, is a "harsh" way to think or act in a 21st Century, trans global world.

My math skills aren't good enough to write a formula, but that's the truth of the thinking. IMHO.

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