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Don't Give Up Your Day Job

The day job, that is, which seems to primarily consist of running for the next office. Senator Obama tries to bring the funny.

"I mean, mother, governor, moose shooter?! I mean I think that's cool, that's cool stuff," Obama said about Palin's biography.

When discussing McCain's energy plan, Obama poked fun at his line on drilling. "What were the Republicans hollerin', 'drill baby drill'? What kind of slogan is that?! They were getting all excited about drilling!"

Maybe you had to be there.

And how politically stupid is it to make fun of hunters in Michigan (which in fact does have moose in the western UP)?


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hadn't seen the "drill baby drill!" quip before reading it here. Made me laugh so I think it's a good one (and a pretty good slogan/motto as well, McCain-Palin should run with it) ^_^

"+1 Funny" for Obama (but no karma bonus - zilch).

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