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ken anthony wrote:

They even used to list the choreographer which I pointed out to one of my NY uncles but he remains a true believer. They don't list the choreographer any more, AFAIK.

Brock wrote:

No. They're the Emperor With No Clothes. The key difference between the WWF and the MSM is that Hulk Hogan knew he was a performance artist rather than a real wrestler. The MSM boys have drunk their own Kool-Aid. They'll be the last people on Earth to realize their loss of credibility.

There's no such thing are "pure" objectivity outside a collect Math department, and there will always be more than "both" points of view (despite what the Fairness Doctrine may think), so the US news industry will be healthier once its moved to the UK model, where partisanship is open and obvious. Transparency and full disclosure is the only way. The only question is whether those news organs will be under The New York Times corporate umbrella or one of the new upstarts like Kos or Pajamas Media.

tps wrote:

The one thing I love about the British media is that they don't hide behind the umbrella of 'unbiased' coverage. You know which paper supports which party and/or wing. The only one who is in denial is the BBC but that's another story.

Louise wrote:

Don't forget, the MSM has promoted ideas like Osama Bin Laden and "dark energy."

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