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Full-Blown PDS

Man, do these "women" (assuming they really are women--obviously, since the advent of Sarah Palin, apparently gender has become a lifestyle choice) have "issues". This almost reads like something out of The Onion. These people are becoming parodies of themselves:

"When I see people crowing about her 'acceptable' speech last Wednesday ... I literally want to vomit with rage," a comment from Anibundel said.

"I am shocked by the depths of my hatred for this woman," another commenter, CJWeimar, wrote.

"It is impossible for me not to read about her in the newspaper in the subway every morning on my way to work and not come into the office angry and wanting to kick things," a commenter using the name ChampagneofBeers wrote. "My boxing class definitely helps."

Even some prominent figures admitted to being overcome by anti-Palin feelings. "I am having Sarah Palin nightmares," an acclaimed playwright and writer, Eve Ensler, wrote on the Huffington Post. She said she was disturbed by the chants about oil and gas drilling during Mrs. Palin's speech to the Republican convention. "I think of rape. I think of destruction. I think of domination," Ms. Ensler wrote.

And people (OK, well, not people, trolls) accuse me of "hating" Barack Obama.

I'm always amused by the stereotype of the "hateful," "angry" white man. From where I sit, I see more, and a lot more hatred and rage on the left. I can understand, though. They thought that the Messiah would arise by universal acclamation, and now they're having panic attacks that he might actually lose. Which also explains all the angry anonymous moron trolls that I get here.

[Update a couple minutes later]'s a Sandra who really hates Sarah:

When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra's big black brothers, she's being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let's allow, disgusting.

Yes, please. Let's allow.

Somehow, I fail to see the humor in a woman being gang raped, but then, I've never been a big Bernhard fan.

Between Sandra Bernhard and Michael Moore, it makes one ashamed to be from the Flint area.


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I'm Completely Around The Bend With Hatred Myself wrote:

Sarah Palin is both a confirmed LIAR and now a CROOK, obstructing justice:

Why are you surprised at the reaction?

tps wrote:

You have certainly hit a nerve Rand. The moonbats must have you on a watch list or something.

Congrats! :)

Rand Simberg wrote:

Actually, I think it was just one moonbat. I've finally banned its IP for serial incivility (repeated deranged comments about Sarah Palin's "LIES," combined with anonymity and calling me "Simberg."

Bill Maron wrote:

Sandra Bernhard stopped being funny, well, before Al Franken.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Not to put salt in the wound but Madonna* was born in Rochester and according to Google maps that's kind of next door to Flint...

Sorry ^_^

* Not that I think she's all the way down at Moore's level (a guy who was sometimes funny before he decided to become rich).

Josh Reiter wrote:

What was even more perplexing about Sandra Bernhard was all her appearances in Playboy. I can't imagine anyone found her remotely interesting to look at naked. She looked like a toothpick with gaped teeth and a big nose.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Nope, no one from the Flint area would think of Rochester as being part of it. It's a suburb of Detroit. And she grew up in Bay City (also not Flint).

ken anthony wrote:

My thought for the day...

Psychologists can tell you about when certain cognitive skills develop in children. What they can't tell you is the age a loony leftard...

...becomes completely deranged.
...understands the difference between a firecracker and an H-bomb.
...right from wrong.
...understands the difference between a convoluted argument and the simple truth.
...this list has no end.

Anonymous wrote:

must include...

...good from evil.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"I've finally banned its IP for serial incivility (repeated deranged comments about Sarah Palin's "LIES," combined with anonymity and calling me "Simberg.""

Elishitz will spoof another one and be back. Ignore the IP and concentrate on the writing style.

Rand Simberg wrote:

No, it wasn't Elifritz. That creature hasn't been around in a while. Not all trolls are Elifritz.

Larry J wrote:

Living in Colorado Springs - once labeled the "epicenter of hate" because of things like Focus on the Family being here - I still see cars with bumper stickers reading "Celebrate Diversity" and "Hate is not a family value."

I suppose they do celebrate diversity so long as everyone believes exactly the same things they believe.

As for hate, well, we're seeing who the true haters are, aren't we?

Carl Pham wrote:

I've finally banned its IP for serial incivility

Most excellent news. The concept of "free speech" is by no means a suicide pact, where we agree to put up with endless amounts of noise and garbage, making the S/N ratio miserably low. Thanks.

I can think of one obvious reason why women on the left might hate Sarah Palin. Unless she is thoroughly Borked -- her reputation smeared forever -- then, win or lose this year, she is very well positioned for a race for the Presidency on her own. Since she will have achieved that position on her own, without having trampolined off a wealthy and/or powerful husband or father, she will have better credentials than most women the Dems can put up. If she wins, she steals their "party of womens' achievement" sticker forever.

That unbelievably sucks, if you've sworn allegiance to the Democrat Party for years, because you believed that was the best route to more women in power, and had to choke down the ugly patronizing misogyny of so many powerful Democratic leaders (Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and now Barack Obama).

It's like, you put up with Bill 'n' Teddy 'n Barack wanting you on your knees from time to time, like Monica in the Oval Office, and you swallow, and afterward smile the big smile and say oh that doesn't matter, because at least he kept the right to abortion safe -- and then after that humiliating act of loyalty you don't even get your reward, some other chick just waltzes past and sits in the Big Seat.

The other obvious reason is that many of these women hate themselves for being women, and hate their relationship to men. Governor Palin clearly doesn't. She doesn't talk about the Strong Single Women in her family, who struggled against the patriarchy and/or abusive and alcoholic men. Her parents are still married, and she likes them both, it would seem. She's not proud of her husband because he "understands" her ambition (although presumably he surely must), but because he makes a great partner and he does ballsy guy stuff (snowmobile racing) very well.

Simply put, jealousy. How can she be a big powerful politician and be a woman who really digs men qua men -- the kind who drink beer and watch the NFL, who can shoot and fix machinery, and not just cringing political pundits and journalists who will furrow their sensitive brows at her on TV and say and how does it feel to be the First Woman To...?

It's probably the female equivalent of being a male geek and seeing some other male geek who not only gets an A in calculus and AP physics, but who also letters in varsity baseball and takes the hot blonde for whom you secretly pine to the prom. Things aren't supposed to work that way, it's unfair and enraging.

Ralphe wrote:

Until this election season I never spent any time at any of the net roots sites. Now to my dismay I have. I did see the trollish comments posted here, and at places like Reason, NRO, and Volokh. I thought they were aberrations. How wrong could I be?!

As much as the right gets hit for incivility there is no comparison. The Palin nomination set off a landslide. When the dust settles, come November, I look for more of the same---No matter who wins. And Al Franken? -- Hasn't been funny in the normal sense of the word since sometime in the 80's.

Larry J wrote:

You might want to check out this Victor Davis Hanson article on the relative wisdom of Obama and Palin.

Perhaps that gives in insight into the Palin hysteria. Some people see her as a threat to their worldview. Their self-defined superiority is not only being undermined, it's being ridiculed.

A Sense of Balance

I am not calling for yokelism, or a proponent of false-populism. Rather, I wish to remind everyone that there are two fonts of wisdom: formal education, and the tragic world of physical challenge and ordeal. Both are necessary to be broadly educated. Familiarity with Proust or Kant is impressive, but not more impressive than the ability to wire your house or unclog the labyrinth of pipes beneath it.

In this regard, I think Palin can speak, and reason, and navigate with bureaucrats and lawyers as well as can Obama; but he surely cannot understand hunters, and mechanics and carpenters like she can. And a Putin or a Chavez or a Wall-Street speculator that runs a leverage brokerage house is more a hunter than a professor or community organizer. Harvard Law School is not as valuable a touchstone to human nature as raising five children in Alaska while going toe-to-toe with pretty tough, hard-nose Alaskan males.

What Is Wisdom?

Not necessarily degrees, glibness, poise, or factual recall, but the ability to understand human nature. And that requires two simple things: an inductive method of reasoning to look at the world empirically, and a body of knowledge and experience to draw on for guidance.

Palin in empirical fashion bucked the Republican establishment and the old-boy network when she thought it was unreasonable; Obama never figured out or at least never questioned Tony Rezko or the Chicago machine, Trinity Church or the Pelosi-Kennedy liberal mantra — unless it proved advantageous. Palin draws on everything from position papers on ANWR to how to keep four screaming kids fed and bathed; Obama on Harvard Law Review and dispensing more public money to more Chicago interest groups.

That’s a simplification, but also an answer to the old Euripidean question “What is wisdom?”

Jim C. wrote:

"From where I sit, I see more, and a lot more hatred and rage on the left."

The first time I read "The Nation" was on the Internet. I had never read anything that hate-filled before. I was shocked. Now, not so much.

K wrote:

If Palin were for abortion, none of this would be happening. When Clinton was bopping interns the most man hating of feminists were on his side. One going so far as saying she'd puff his cigar just to keep abortion legal.

Abortion keeps the women at work, not in the home. Abortion alone makes a women equal to a man because she can count on never having to be preggers when she doesn't want to be. Palin violates that concept in many ways and threatens the entire structure. Of course they hate her.

ken anthony wrote:

ABC finds Troopergate gun with no smoke. Commentors apparently unable to understand the article.

My post also includes more info (click my name.)

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