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Good Luck To The Gulf Coast

My best wishes to Lou Minatti and Mark Whittington and other Houston-area residents (this thing could really be a disaster for JSC and its contractor community). Stay safe there, and if you're in a flood plain, please get the hell out.


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Bill Maron wrote:

I live east of Waco and we might see hurricane force winds. Biggest storm area wise I have seen in a while.

Leland wrote:

All set. I'm far enough inland not to worry about storm surge. I'm hoping to keep internet as long as possible. I have cable broadband and Verizon, but we lost both during Rita.

anon in tx wrote:

Check the tide gauge on Clear Lake (Station ID: 8770933) at which is currently reading 5ft above MSL. All of JSC is below 16 feet.

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