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I Did Not Know That

I just discovered, via the latest Carnival of Space, that Bruce Cordell and some other folks have started a web-site/blog devoted to space and space colonization, called Twenty-First Century Waves.


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R Anderson wrote:

I've been reading that particular blog occasionally for a few weeks now, and I was struck (and perhaps, a bit confused) by this "56-year economic/event wave" that's mentioned prominently in several places. Any hope we'll be getting your thoughts on that topic?

Rand Simberg wrote:

I haven't read it much, but I'm guessing that it's similar to Kondratieff cycles, which Krafft Ehricke was very big on. I have no useful opinions.

R Anderson wrote:

Even that much helps. Thanks.

Adam Greenwood wrote:

In fact it *is* K-cycles they are talking about. They call them Maslow cycles because in their view as economic prospects fluctuate societies move up and down Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

I'm pretty intrigued by these long-term cycles (K-cycles, Strauss' Generations, Spengler's model) but its hard to say how valid they are.

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