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It's No Ike

At least not yet. I hope that low east of the Bahamas doesn't develop much, because all the models have it aimed right at me in southeast Florida. In fact, BAMD has it coming ashore in Boca, crossing the peninsula and exiting over Tampa into the Gulf. Fortunately, it's struggling under shear right now.

My concern is that it may intensify suddenly right off shore early next week, with little time to prepare. At least we still have most of our shutters up from Hannah.

[Update a few minutes later]

Weather Underground is calling it an "Invest" (I wonder why they call them that), but it actually seems to be the remnants of Josephine. If it becomes a storm again, will they call it that, or Kyle?


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franklinstein wrote:

I believe 'Invest' is short for Investigate, or worth Investigating, or Under Investigation, something to that affect. I remember seeing this on Weather Underground, but couldn't find the reference doing a quick google search. Maybe someone with more patience than I could look.

Rick C wrote:

They've got a lot of hype invested in the idea of this being the next Katrina?

Either way, it's a new term they seem to have come up with last year, after there wasn't much activity.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Actually, even Katrina wasn't a Katrina. The storm itself wasn't that devastating (compared to, say, Camille). What made Katrina so bad was the monumental incompetence of local officials and the dysfunctionality of the populace. But it's more politically correct to blame Bush and Rove. I actually think that Ike will be more damaging than Katrina (much more surge in vulnerable areas).

Leland wrote:

I actually think that Ike will be more damaging than Katrina (much more surge in vulnerable areas).

It's still early. Certainly because of the density and high value items, it will be more damaging. However, I can't forget seeing the Mississippi coast wiped clean from the railroad to the water. A condo I stayed in while working at Stennis didn't even have all the foundation remaining. What happened in Mississippi wasn't incompetence, but it wasn't politically interesting either.

Galveston is getting creamed. Fortunately, my family there has evacuated to my mom's house 40 miles inland.

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