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Let McCain Be McCain

Jen Rubin applies Occam's Razor:

I think those postulating a "McCain panic" theory to explain his campaign suspension don't understand, or they pretend not to understand, John McCain. This is what he does. He elevates matters he considers higher national priorities above politics, which he finds at some level disasteful. Lots of people differ with his priorities, but that's not at issue. If you look back over McCain's career, he does this again and again: campaign finance reform, immigration reform, the surge and now this. He junks his party and the immediate short term political consequences when he thinks there's something else at play. That in large part is what drive his GOP base nuts. And they likely won't be thrilled here.

One can attribute nefarious motive ( "Ah! He's just feigning love of country and putting his political career at risk!") or you can take the more mundane explanation : this is how he operates and what he honestly believes. This performance with Katie Couric is plainly him at his best.

As for Barack Obama, I agree with this take that his initial effort to avoid involvement with brokering a deal didn't come off all that well. ("It's shocking that someone who believes himself ready to lead the free world would so brazenly try to dodge any participation in what could be a defining moment in our history.') What was striking about Obama's comment was his remark that if "the Congressional leadership" needed him, he'd be available. It's an odd way to put it -- he is the leader of his party now and he seemed utterly disinterested in doing anything that involved active problem-solving/deal-making. He does after all have a current job -- in the Senate.

And this time, he's not even voting "present."

It's a sterling example of his general career path--accomplishing little in his current job because he always views it as little more than a rung on the ladder to the next one.


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Tom Hill wrote:

First link is back to Transterrestrial

Fred the Fourth wrote:

if "the Congressional leadership" needed him, he'd be available.

Oh boy. When I was about 16 I went to work at a summer camp in the Sierra as a carpenter / handyman guy. First morning after I got there I was sunning myself after breakfast when one of the other guys came by and asked if I'd been to see the bossman yet. I said "I'm right here if he wants me."

I did some sooper-dooper fast growing up in the next few hours. Still smarts when I think about it.

Looks like *US*SENATOR* Obama missed that lesson.

Anonymous wrote:


And lookee here who's this who missed some votes:

Seems like McCain is leading quite nicely in that poll...

Carl Pham wrote:

I'm reminded of that interesting Gene Hackman line in "The Replacements": when the game's on the line, winners always want the ball.

It's significant that McCain jumps right out onto the field, even if it leaves his fans in the stands scratching their heads -- WTF? Did he mean to do that? Is that such a good idea, politically? -- while Obama sits up real straight on the bench, looking fit and ready in case coach wants to put him in.

Is there some way we could just skip right over the Obama Presidency and move him into the wise elder statesman role? He can go around the country giving gracious and appreciative speeches...My Historic his fine manly movie-actor voice.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Good point and a great movie.

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