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Moose Killer, Maverick

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bbbeard wrote:

"All I know is, she never shot anything that didn't need killing."

Someone should email that to Ahmadinejad.

Can we get Tom Brokaw to ask Obama if he's ever killed anything? ;-)


john hare wrote:

So we convince the Islamofascists that moose is good disguise.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Wow, the youtube comments live up to the high expectations we have for such things. I probably am dumber for having gazed upon the mad scrawlings.

Doug Jones wrote:

As a reasonably experienced standup comic and comedy writer, my one word summary is "hack". One gag, repeated ad nauseum, is not humor, but mere loathing. Political humor is, of course, mostly the former rather than the latter.

(A little bit of thread hijacking here.)

Matt Damon also apparently doesn't like Palin- "It's like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom... and she's president and facing down [Russian president] Vladimir Putin."

Well ya know, Mary Pat Foley was a hockey mom, too, and she did pretty well against some badass russians...

Jim C. wrote:

You may have already seen this one. But I think it's much funnier.

What really happened when McCain asked Palin to be VP:

Watching Jim C's video...

He, if only Dole/Kemp 1996 had that much testosterone.

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