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More Media Bias

The press refuses to cover Biden's potential gaffes: Air Joe flew from Wilmington to Charlotte Sunday, the only reporters onboard were off-air reporters from the five television networks and correspondents from NBC and Politico. There was only one camera crew. The back of the plane, reserved for press, sat totally deserted.

Heh. As Geraghty notes, the McCain campaign should complain.


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Bill Maron wrote:

Now he knows how McCain felt before Sarah. When Biden makes a gaffe and the media aren't around to hear it does he still sound foolish?

Pants Soaked And Hysterical With Panic wrote:

Not as bad as lying through ones teeth though:

Liar, liar, lipstick on fire.

Stomping And Sobbing Because The Messiah Will Lose wrote:

From the Wall Street Journal, on the same lipstuck guvnor:

She also has sought $4.5 million to upgrade an airport on a Bering Sea island that has a year-round population of less than 100.

And McCain didn't know..poor heroic baby.

This could make a great campaign ad. What a bunch of liars, twisted up in their panties.

Carl Pham wrote:

Rand, you've probably read this, on the astroturfing in blog comments by Obamabots, but some of your readers may not have.

Relevant to the strangely robotic Palinphobia comments you've been getting. Maybe you just want to expunge this brainless spam, ban the related IP ranges?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Rand, you've probably read this, on the astroturfing in blog comments by Obamabots, but some of your readers may not have.

I did, but that doesn't seem to be what's going on here, because Ace describes it as astroturfing comments from self-proclaimed Republicans/Evangelicals. I'm just getting garden-variety desperate Obamananiac trolls who are anonymous (until I rename them appropriately).

assurbanipal wrote:

Maybe this will explain the nature of the funding request:href Silly troll, who can't even come up with a creative handle.

Drooling Obama Cultist wrote:

Phamby my man,

Seems like your woman has a real problem:

She does it again - this time lying about her teleprompter!!!!

This is freaky. See why I think there may be another story about her coming up. There's something - some inner conflict in her - that makes her want to be caught in lies or else see how far she can push the envelope. Methinks with her Holy Roller background, there is some major guilt involved.

Maybe a big story hasn't broken yet.

Obama the gaffe machine wrote:

Somebody explain to me why I should click on the link of some anonymous retarded troll who is too lazy to pick a pen name?

Does anyone else actually read his junk?

Can't Stop Making An Asshat Of Myself wrote:

OK then. Go check out how Romney is trashing McCain. You'll have to find the link yourself - hopefully you know how to use the Google.

I think Romney is pissed at the hero.

Obama the gaffe machine wrote:

"Can't Stop Making An Asshat Of Myself wrote:
OK then. Go check out how Romney is trashing McCain. You'll have to find the link yourself - hopefully you know how to use the Google.

I think Romney is pissed at the hero.

September 15, 2008 8:13 PM "

Don't care, I am sure it would lead to the Koskiddies or DUh!

The only thing I am sure of, I could not get the wasted part of my life back. The left is getting increasingly stupid claiming retarded garbage like Rove is calling McCain a dirty campaigner.

It really is quite simple, the more desperate the left gets, the more they lie.

Carl Pham wrote:

I'm just getting garden-variety desperate Obamananiac trolls

Och, aye, but don't overlook the possibility that Axelrod may have more than one variety of crabgrass in the toolshed. The MO fits: actual neurons appear to fire only for the introduction and a weak insult or two. The "content," such as it is, looks like it was pulled straight from a campaign talking points memo.

memomachine wrote:


Actually the whole astroturfing is rather amusing really.

Most are like bombers. They come in, pretend their bona fides and then out they go never to be seen again.

Others stick around and try to make a fight of it, and that's the funny part. Conservatives have experience with liberal arguments so it's not that hard for us to fake it. But liberals trying out conservative arguments?

Vastly amusing.

ken anthony wrote:

I don't think they realize that if you get the same comment from many different sources it's likely a lie. When you get slightly different eyewitness (even contradictory) accounts, it usually means there is quite a bit of truth in it.

It's the volume that tells the story best. The first day of the Palin smears I saw 'big hair' everywhere, then they moved on to worse.

The Russian propaganda never fails to expand on the Georgian attacks on the 7th & 8th (which was an interdiction operation aimed not at the city but getting to the Roki tunnel) but never mentions the tanks already rolling and the ships in Sevastopol already loaded with troops. Nor the coordinated (although poor) air strikes throughout Georgia.

Look at all the foreign leaders that want Obama for president. You wonder why the dems aren't agitating to give them the vote?

The worst thing may be the community organizer and his ACORN friends know how to get away with voter fraud and seem to be massing in the swing states now.

To me all of this is strong evidence that the 'father of the lie' is truly the ruler of the world as scripture says.

Otherwise, I just can not understand the irrational thinking which can't all be explained by youth and inexperience. There has to be something else at work here.

Carl Pham wrote:

Someone's studied this, memomachine, and the conclusion is that leftists have a certain intellectual handicap, in that they can't actually imagine what it's like to have a different point of view.

This is, arguably, one of the reason that they usually ascribe differences of opinion to bad faith or outright secret evil motives. (Bush LIED, Cheney is the Antichrist pulling the strings, Blood for Oil, and so forth). They are unable to imagine a different point of view, so instead they project their own dark nightmares of horror and greed and hate, the only thing they can imagine that could drive different conclusions from the brighter, more honorable aspects of their own minds.

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