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Obama's Executive Experience

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Brock wrote:

Actually, one of the things that concerns me is how Sarah Palin handled her time as Mayor of Wasilla. Taking a debt-free town and running it deep into debt to build a recreational facility (not something I consider a core competency of government), while paying insufficient attention to the legal details, are not good signs. I am only comforted by the fact that it was her first time as an executive and everyone makes mistakes. I hope she's learned from them.

I still think it's absurd though that Obama's only executive experience is running his own campaign for the Presidency. A "voyage of self discovery" indeed. Blech.

Carl Pham wrote:

Maybe it's relevant that we're talking about Alaska, Brock. What are you supposed to do for exercise and even general activity in the middle of the winter, six months of the year, when it gets dark at 2.30 PM and it's -60F outside?

Under those conditions, a city rec facility might be a bit less of a luxury good and maybe something that contributes substantially to keeping your citizenry healthy and active and out of bars. Anyway, if you want to complain that government should not fund infrastructure improvements, from streets and bridges to public libraries and, yeah, public rec facilities, I'd say you're about a century and a half out of date. That argument was lost around the time Andy Jackson stepped down as President.

Myself, I wouldn't particularly mind if my local community went into debt -- i.e., sold bonds to our more wealthier residents -- in order to build a first-class swimming pool, ice rink, or gym for general use by the citizenry. I wouldn't much mind paying the taxes necessary to retire those bonds. Much better use of my tax money than, say, paying accountants to make sure a million byzantine Federal regulations on "diversity" and affirmative action in the police and fire force are followed, or that owners of basketball courts are properly sued if they don't retrofit wheelchair ramps to their entrances.

I'm not even sure I'd mind if the state paid for a great gym for inner-city kids with my tax money. Sound investment in public order, I'd say. Cheaper than building jails. I mean, let's not carry this rugged individualism too far. It's not entirely unreasonable to invest in our neighbor's well-being. Karma has a way of coming around. What I think really grinds the gears of moderates about the Democratic Party is not that they propose to invest in our neighbors, but that (1) they propose stupid, futile investments that have already been tried in the 1970s and found completely ineffective and not worth the money, and (2) a lot of their investments don't result in delivered good for the intended recipients, but rather serve to enrich a whole lot of "facilitators" and "organizers" and other such Democratic service employee union middlemen drones who suck off the gov't tit while in fact doing a terrible job at actually serving the people we thought we were helping.

Obama's Felcher wrote:


Let's see she drives a town, via mismanagement and improper planning to the tune of $3000 per person by the time she leaves, and according to Pham,
what else are you supposed to do in a place where it is dark most of the year ? How about a little more poking making more little Trigs?

Aww, poor babies, get up and move if they don't like it there that's what. They've been living on a federal welfare handout up there long enough.

Wasilla debt - Bush-Cheney redux. And Pham rises to the defense. Awww.

I'm sure the darkness has something to do with this as well:

I must say the Wall Street Journal is doing a nice job these days - I wonder whether it has a little bit to do with Rupert Murdoch's meetings with Barack Obama. Heh-Heh.

Mind what I say here - the Jews of Florida don't find Palin kosher . Heh-Heh. Self inflicted wound there pyrrhic-hero-Saint-John-martyr-McCain. Heh-Heh.

Screaming For Relief From Reality wrote:

May I kindly add, reading the WSJ, what do you think Pham, some effing libertarian she is no?

So let's see:

(1) Liar
(2) Incompetent
(3) Mixes personal life and civic responsibilities
(4) Acts like a petty dictator (that must come from her foreign policy experience, being as she lives so close to Putin)
(5) Bills the state for per-diem when she is in her own house
(6) Hides her pregnancy for seven months and leaves major questions about Trig un-answered

Lovely. It's only going to get better from here. Heh-Heh.

Jeff Medcalf wrote:

It's a shame you don't have disemvowelment implemented for when the really deep trolls come by. Then again, it's a shame that your RSS doesn't work. (If you need help with that, I could probably find some time to volunteer in getting it working. Email me if so.)

Meanwhile, anonymous, please feel free to spew such posts, because your infantile name-calling really doesn't impress, and might just turn off a few people who would otherwise show up to vote for Obama. Lie down with dogs, as it were.

Boohooing About Being Called By An Approriate Name wrote:

The only name calling I have used is to refer to Palin as a Liar. Well, if you read my other posts some of which have been defaced with pseudonyms not to my liking by the owner of this blog, she LIED big-time in her first address to the American people. She did not reject the Bridge to Nowhere. She lied about this, repeated the lie, and is still repeating the lie. So that makes a liar. Sorry about that. If it's any consolation, Hillary Clinton is a liar too. We should not vote liars into office. Period. The first woman President must be someone who has the decency not to lie, especially not the first time they speak to the nation, in their inaugural address as it were.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"Well, if you read my other posts some of which have been defaced with pseudonyms not to my liking by the owner of this blog,"

Are you so dumb as to not realize if you picked a unique screen name that wasn't in some way assinine that Rand would stop doing that?

No one is asking you to post your real name.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Are you so dumb as to not realize if you picked a unique screen name that wasn't in some way assinine that Rand would stop doing that?

He's pretty dumb, but not so dumb as to not take a hint when someone hits him with a clue-by-four. Gee, thanks for tipping the idiot off...

On the other hand, if the creature still can't figure it out, it will be even more entertaining. And of course, it will probably be too stupid to come up with a non-asinine pseudonym...

Carl Pham wrote:

And Pham rises to the defense. [followed by other scatter-brained ape-like feces-throwing]

Dude! Off your meds again? You're unbelievably stupid! But very amusing. So I hope you keep posting. You're someone Team Obama would pay handsomely to keep quiet -- so I, a McCainite, hope you keep spewing away. I can see McCain's RCP average going up 1% every time you and your more sophisticated if still spittle-flecked elder brethren in the MSM commentariat deliver a new slogan-filled hysterical rant.

Sail on, brother! Throw off the chains of logic! Unshackle your imagination from the cruel fetters of reality and unhinge your mind! You have nothing to lose but your marbles!

Rand Simberg wrote:

You're someone Team Obama would pay handsomely to keep quiet

Well, clearly they should, but it's not clear that they're smart enough to realize that...

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