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Oh, By The Way

You just know the Obama campaign is going to try to scare you out of voting for her. They're gonna say she can't manage her family. And that she kills innocent helpless animals. And did we mention that she's a woman?

If you don't vote for McCain/Palin, you're a sexist. And probably a secret misogynist.

What a delicious trap for the identity politics crowd.


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Leland wrote:

No offense, Rand, but I think you are a few days behind the curve in making that prediction.

Anonymous wrote:

Hey Rand,

Here's your libertarian:

God and Sarah want you in Iraq. There is a plan.

Leland wrote:

Uncredible source provides a link to another uncredible source.

Rogan wrote:

Dear Rand,

This is my first time to comment, but I've been reading your excellent and informative blog for months.

I doubt, however, that any liberals will feel trapped or have any qualms about totally abandoning any pretense of Feminist ideals as they savage Sarah Palin - because conservatives just don't count in their worldview.

Just as leftists blacks (including the One himself) have had no hesitation about inpugning the intelligence, character and qualifications of Clarence Thomas in ways that would make the most fevered racist of their imaginations grin with glee, Leftist women and men will not hesitate for a moment to contradict every principle they claim to stand for as they attack her with every sexist lie and slander they can think up. Intellectual integrity is not important to Leftists and their ideology of identity politics has never been more than a device to smuggle collectivist ideas into the American culture. They don't really care about advancing women, they care about creating an all powerful government that will once and for all suppress the one thing they really, sincerely hate - anyone with an independent mind.

In the end, I think they will fail to destroy Governor Palin, but don't expect them to flinch from even the most outrageously sexist attacks as they do their worst.

Leland wrote:

Don't hold back Rogan. Good comment!

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