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The Undefended City

This NRO thing seems to be becoming a regular thing for Bill Whittle. He has some thoughts on confidence in our own culture and nation in the face of those who think it unworthy of defense or preservation:

...most of what I learned about Vietnam I learned from men like Oliver Stone. This self-loathing narcissist has repeatedly tried to inculcate in me a sense of despair and outrage at my own government, my own culture, my own people and ultimately myself. He tried to convince me -- and he is a skillfull man -- that my own government murdered my own President for political gain. I am told daily in those darkened temples that rogue CIA elements run a puppet government, that the real threat to the nation comes from the generals that defend it, or from the businessmen that provide the prosperity we take for granted.

I sit with others in darkened rooms, watching films like Redacted, Stop-Loss, and In the Valley of Elah, and see our brave young soldiers depicted as murderers, rapists, broken psychotics or ignorant dupes -visions foisted upon me by bitter and isolated millionaires such as Brian de Palma and Paul Haggis and all the rest.

I've been told this story in some form or another, every day of every week of the past 30 years of my life. It wasn't always so.

But it is certainly so today. And standing against all this hypnotic power -- the power of the mythmakers in Hollywood, the power of the information peddlers in the media, the corrosive power of America-hating professors on every campus in America... against all that we find an old warrior -- a paladin if ever there was one -- an old, beat-up warhorse standing up in defense of his city one last time. And beside him: a wonder. A common person... just a regular mom who goes to work, does a difficult job with intelligence and energy and grace and every-day competence and then puts it away to go home and have dinner with the family.

Against all of that stand these two.

No wonder they must be destroyed. Because -- Sarah Palin especially -- presents a mortal threat to these people who have determined over cocktails who the next President should be and who now clearly mean to grind into metal shards the transaxle of their credibility in order to get the result they must have. Truly, they are before our eyes destroying the machine they have built in order to get their victory.

We'll see.


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Carl Pham wrote:

Boy is that a classic, all-American, Jeffersonian essay. He only missed describing the sturdy yeoman farmer feeding the world from his small plot, with his honest ox and honest dog by his side.

The only tricky bit is that this recruiting ad for the defense of All that is Good and Right could be written almost word for word by an Obama man. It's certainly been Obama's main theme that he represents all the ordinary folks who are going to pry the levers of power from the clammy grip of the cynical sell-out elite.

Bill Maron wrote:

Sorry to see that Carl has succumbed to the eye of Sauron.

Carl Pham wrote:

Who, me?!

gollum, gollum

ken anthony wrote:

That explains it!!! The O-man is the one ring. To the media he is the precious. His twisted truth is too evil to resist.

Chris Gerrib wrote:

So, what Whittle is saying (somewhat simplified) is:

1) Oliver Stone hates America.
2) Oliver Stone wants Obama to win.
3) Anybody who questions whether McCain would be a good President hates America. (Or is a tool of those who hate America)

Do I have that correct?

Rand Simberg wrote:

No, I wouldn't call that "somewhat" simplified. I'd call it vastly oversimplified. Not everyone who supports Obama has the attitudes that Whittle describes, but a lot more of them do than McCain supporters.

Chris Gerrib wrote:

Rand -

Glad to hear I can still criticize McCain without getting my Red-Blooded American Card pulled.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Glad to hear I can still criticize McCain without getting my Red-Blooded American Card pulled.

I've no idea where you obtained the notion that one cannot criticize McCain "without getting your Red-Blooded American Card pulled."

I've been criticizing McCain here for years.

The main difference is that I've been doing so for good reason. ;-)

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