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Turnabout Is Fair Play

Heh. Instant Godwin:

"Hitler was a community organizer, FDR was a governor." Makes as much sense as the Jeebus/Pilate meme.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

I wonder if you can trace back any of the Anon comments to one of these astroturf guys. It certainly looks like you got on someone's "to spam" list.

Dennis Wingo wrote:


That youtube video is one of the funniest things that I have ever seen my life!

Drooling And Banging On His High Chair wrote:

The Governor lies AGAIN!!!

She claimed to have visited 4 countries.

Turns out she actually visited only two!!!

Part time LIAR.

Obama the gaffe machine wrote:

Anonymous sofa-humper.

Seriously, nobody here gives a shit what you say. You are a circus-freak to us, a joke of a person. A curiosity to the rest of us, you are not a peer and are not thought of as such.

Biden plagerized, His son lobbies for the credit card industry, Obama isn't qualified to run a resutrant, much less a nation. His lies would fill a book. Obama mocks our veterans too.

Why don't you discuss something substantive like the above?

Because your hatred blinds you, that's why.

You rail over a paper cut and ignore an amputation.

Hyperventilating From Panic wrote:

Hi Karl!

More lies:

Nor Ireland! Though since the plane refueled there she inhaled deeply in the cabin, smelled the bonny air and breathing out lied about something else.

Now she claims she visited Mexico. What do you think? I say 50-50 it's not true.

Let's say she is being defined as a liar . Wonder how he numbers will hold up a month from now.

Simberg, if you can't handle the truth, you can always ban me so you can keep hearing Palin's lies in your little echo chamber.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Careful "Drooling And Banging On His High Chair" you're making her super-human.

How could she possibly have visited just two? Direct flight from the US to Kuwait*? Not impossible but you're saying there were no stop-overs? Not even in Germany? That would be more impressive** than the difference of two countries (is she ex-Navy SEAL or something?). Or did they drop her from a stealth bomber? Can't wait for the movie ^_^

* Just about everyone goes to Kuwait before getting into Iraq as far as I know.
** such a direct flight wouldn't involve anything remotely like commercial grade facilities, maybe they were supernice and gave her lots of diapers and a pillow to sit on?

Now of course DABOHHC is unlikely to be right but if he was she would be even more awesome.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hey I've been to Pakistan (Karachi to be exact). Sure I didn't leave the plane (and believe me I wanted to but I was only halfway to my destination) but are you saying I wasn't there?

Here have another hair, how many do I get back?

Drunk On Obama Koolaid wrote:

Habitat Hermit seriously thinks he visited Karachi since he landed there for a short while.


Maybe Habitat Hermit should read the definition of visited, as opposed to landed temporarily in or refueled .

And they actually defend Palin's lies here. Really now. And they do it so poorly too.

Palin the LIE-GAFFE machine ??

Bob wrote:

I once stopped over at the airport in Rome on my way to Budapest, but I never listed Italy as a country that I visited until many years later when I visited Italy for a few weeks. During the initial stop over, I formed certain impressions about Italy, but I ignored them, because I knew it was silly to try to generalize from a few hours at an airport. During my more lengthy visit to Italy, I was amused to discover that my initial impressions from the airport were actually somewhat accurate. I have to conclude that it is at least possible to learn a little something about a country from a brief stopover. It helps if your stopover is "eventfull", eventful in a way that is unlikely to happen to VIPs. Also, if Palin stopped over at a US military base in Germany, it would teach her more about the military's culture than about Germany.

Trembling And Blubbering In Fear Of Palin wrote:

That's wonderful Bob.

However, when a campaign lists the countries the VP candidate as having visited, they would have to be joking to mention transit stops.

A VP's visit to Ireland was simply a stopover in the airport? Give me a break. Her foreign policy experience is the fact that she can see one of Russia's barren islands. Heh-Heh!

This woman is REAL BAD NEWS.

Read this:

This could be much worse than the last 8 years. Much worse. If McCain-Palin wins we are going to see incompetence and cronyism on a truly heroic scale.

Obama the gaffe machine wrote:

....and if Obambi wins, it would make that pale in comparison. The Republic will be lucky to survive in one piece. People will be longing for the good ole days of Jimmy 'the Rabbit made me it's bitch' Carter.

Bill Maron wrote:

I wasn't going to comment to that anon POS F##khead but I couldn't let it go. Palin didn't say she had been to Iraq. Some McCain aides did. I'm not going to excuse hiring her friends but I wish Obama didn't have communists/socialists/unrepentant terrorists as his mentors and why hasn't more been written about that house deal with his convicted felon friend and neighbor? If you want to knock Palin, at least tell us what Obambi has actually accomplished that served someone besides himself. It would make your condescending a@@holery look less stupid. You, not so much.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hehe "Drunk On Obama Koolaid" you're just like Elifritz: completely unable to grasp the point and then you latch onto something and make a complete mess out of whatever it is you think you're trying to argue while acting like a total ass (your social life --if you have any, I kind of doubt it-- must be hilarious to random onlookers). Hmm perhaps you are Elifritz, or "Lead Engineer" or whatever nonsense he calls himself today...

Have you ever visited an airport? ^_^

How about English class? ^_^

I'll feed you some more stuff you won't manage to comprehend; I don't consider anyone who has visited a place for a weekend or a week to really have any clue at all about the place. Tourists? Don't make me laugh. Business? Too busy and limited to make much difference. If you live as a guest with someone living there it begins to matter, if you stay for months and years but not in some bubble of expats then you start to know what you're talking about.

I'll gladly argue that Obama's trip to Germany gave him about just as much insight into the country as Palin's stay at an Irish airport: zilch ^_^


Forget all that "Drunk On Obama Koolaid", after a sniff of glue I realize that I was insanely wrong. The Democratic Party really should hire you to rescue the Obama campaign from all the lies of the Republicans, why don't you give them a call? Here's their phone number: 202-863-8000

Save the world "Drunk On Obama Koolaid"! Let the truth be known!

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Eh, I take back what I said. An astroturf guy for the Obama campaign would be more effective. *But* I still haven't ruled out an astroturf guy for the McCain campaign masquerading as an astroturf guy from the Obama campaign.

Obama the gaffe machine wrote:

Polls now showing McCain ahead in PA.

Al Capone was a Chicago community organizer...

Mike G in Corvallis wrote:

Jim Jones was a "community organizer."

Have some more Kool-Aid, True Believers.

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