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We've All Been Wondering

Well, I have, anyway. What does Camille think about Sarah (both women for whom no last name is necessary, at least now)? Here it is. I think she sort of has the hots for her.

[Update a few minutes later]

For contrast, here's what a Hollywood nitwit thinks. If that's the right word...


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Martin wrote:

Rand, thanks for that link to Matt Damon. It was very entertaining.

Needless to say, I'm always keen to know what Matt thinks about the burning issues of the day. He needs to know (He NEEDS to know, damn it), if Sarah Palin thought there were dinosaurs here 4,000 years ago. It's very important!

Why? Who cares if she thinks that. I've never understood the fetish for or against creationism. As a practical matter, one's beliefs on the origin of the world are almost entirely irrelevant to what goes on in the present. What does Barack Obama think about the inflationary universe or current theories of stellar formation? I need to know that. He's going to have the nuclear codes, for God's sake.

It is.....remarkable, that Matt Damon, George Clooney, and any number of other Hollywood leading men, all espouse really liberal views, and yet have made they're careers portraying the sorts of men who would never hold those views. There's something not quite right about that picture.

Bruce Lewis wrote:

I had to chuckle when I read Paglia's assertion that "One reason [she lives] in the leafy suburbs of Philadelphia and have never moved to New York or Washington is that, as a cultural analyst, [she wants] to remain in touch with the mainstream of American life." Anyone who has ever visited the City of Brotherly Love and seen for themselves the oak-beamed, topiary-insulated sanctuaries of privilege that are the suburbs of the Main Line knows instinctively that they have nothing in common with the prefab, concrete-covered reality of Mainstream America.

That's not to say I'm anti-Paglia. (Yes, lesbianism is gross, but that's her business, not mine; my own sins and weaknesses are more than sufficient to occupy my attention without concentrating on those of my fellowmen.) She is a formidable — if sometimes misguided — intellectual who is simultaneously a real mensch (if I may be permitted the term) who geuininely understands what America is all about. And it is certainly true that the suburbs of Philly, as well-manicured as they are, are a lot closer to the workaday realities of everday America than any trendy 'hood in Manhattan or DC could ever be.

Besides, anyone who likes Gerard Manley Hopkins has to be a Good Guy.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

I read the Salon article/opinion/commentary by Paglia earlier today because Drudge linked to it with an interesting headline. Well, I reached page four but didn't finish it due to a physical reaction of aversion to her "thinking".

Until halfway down page four the big laugh at her expense on page three still helped, if I remember correctly that's where she mentioned eating at/visiting McDonald's, going to the mall etc.

Note to Paglia: doing it for such reasons as stated is called slumming and no it doesn't make you a better person, smarter, or more understanding.

To the best of my knowledge I've never read anything by her before so bear that in mind but I do not understand why she thinks she's a libertarian and I don't understand why anyone would call her a mensch. To me she just drove further and further into strange mad nihilism including self-confessed support of what she (not me) called murder.

I apologize if she's a renowned comedian specializing in burlesque avant-garde satire with morbid twists.

I think "Team America" hit the nail on the head. "Matt... DAMON..." To call him a nitwit may be an understatement.

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