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A Devoted Mother

...has passed on.

Firefighters spotted Scarlett, despite burns to her eyes, ears and face, toting each kitten out of the building to safety. Once outside, Scarlett nudged each baby with her nose to make sure she found all five.

The hero cat was taken to the North Shore Animal League with her offspring - and their story soon attracted attention from around the globe.

It's instinct, but it's not just instinct, because there are some mothers who don't make the mark. All species can transcend, to limited degrees. But there are variations within.


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Brock wrote:

And some say that Darwinian Evolution is somehow demeaning, or that it degrades who we are. Scarlett's kindness and courage have ensured that her kittens survive when the kittens of the cowardly or selfish do not, and they will pass that on.

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