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A Waste Of Time And Money

That's what a bachelors degree has become.

I'd like to see those statistics broken down by major, though.



II wrote:

Degrees in Journalism are the worst value for the money.

David wrote:

Um, surely no one is surprised by this?

1. Colleges have been taken over by liberals - liberals destroy every institution they take over.
2. Everyone is told to get a degree, leading to too many students and not enough schools... schools no longer have to compete, so quality goes down.
3. Tenure.

Mike Puckett wrote:

And today there are so many nonsense made-up degrees in trivial subjects that dilute the value of other degrees down.

bbbeard wrote:

Ironically enough, the educational goals of Ayers and Obama when they ran the Chicago Annenberg Challenge are thoroughly consistent with this diagnosis. Rather than focusing on the teaching of skills, such as those needed for competence in mathematics, science, and engineering, CAC grants focused on political indoctrination. This is the "change" Obama promises. Obama's America will be fair -- fairly poor, that is.

If you weren't already frightened and upset by Obama's clueless communism, here's a must-read column by Andrew McCarthy about some of BO's other unsavory friends:


Karl Hallowell wrote:

I am forming the opinion that education infrastructure is vastly overbuilt in the US. It isn't so much that too many degrees are being churned out as that students are greatly overpaying for what they receive. That's pretty much in agreement with the article. I think the key problem isn't that everyone wants a degree. But rather that these degrees are massively subsidized by government.

Given how long some people stay in college (I just chucked a stone through a glass wall of my house), it must take a lot of labor out of the US labor pool.

ken anthony wrote:

Perhaps it's time we figured out this is an attack. Some of it directed with the majority ignorant of there role.

Sedition, treason, national sovereignty and citizenship have got to have some meaning. How close does a Marxist in sheeps clothing using rampant fraud and thugs have to come before our federal police do their job to protect the constitution from domestic enemies?

If elected, I expect Obama to appear the most reasonable president we've ever seen as he implements the most radical agenda. Any complaints will be dismissed as a loony fringe as they discreetly destroy the opposition.

I'm may appear unhinged, but the truth is I am seriously pissed off. I'm sensing lots of other people that are as well. What's missing is a leader to direct this energy. Where are the leaders that will take on this fight?

I wish I could have the faith in the system that others have. I really don't have it.

McCain being an apologist for his opponent is expected, but just another sign of the problem.

On my blog I offered up this opinion:

"Degree programs require that students take the same history and literature classes they took in high school - that's four classes that could be devoted to learning something that's actually needed on the job. Colleges need to be more vocationally oriented."

Brock wrote:

Of course everyone "needs" a college degree because everyone "knows" that a high school diploma is evidence of little more than a pulse and the ability to show up on a semi-regular basis. If HS diplomas were worth what they were worth even 50 years ago many employers would be willing to hire out of high school and the B.S. could go back to being what it was.

Name Witheld by Me wrote:

I am an ex-HS dropout. I took the GED to join the military. I was trained in power plants, ships propulsion and associated eqpt as an operator and maint type. Since them I've spent thousands of hours in trade schools and company training seminars.

Over the years, I've worked with many people who had degrees ranging in fields from PoliSci to AnimalSci to Engineering. In half of my jobs I was promoted above and faster than those with degrees. I thought when I was younger that I was just that good. As I got older I realized that it wasn't my abundance of skills, it was their dearth of them.

What's more, as I got older I realized a change in the college graduates that I worked with.

When I was younger, the college graduates often had an attitude of superiority, but had some skills to back it up. Now they just come equipped with the attitude. It's all about them, the companies and supervisors owe them, from day one they let everyone know how marvelous they are.

It's one of the reasons I'm glad I no longer work. My "pay" is low, but I don't have to hear from those self-centered whiners anymore.

II wrote:

Degrees in journalism often need to be dressed up in fancy clothes.

Even then, the core lack of a real education is evident.

bud wrote:

Megan McArdle has had a number of comments on this issue, dealing with the concept of a degree as an economic "signal"; a sort of shorthand indication that this person is above average, has some degree of diligence, and has some networking skills (or is just of the "right sort" without having to investigate geneology), with little regard to what the specific scholarship has been.

To get all General Semantic-y on you, society has mistaken the map for the territory. If people with degrees do better... I know! We'll get EVERYONE a degree!

The "signal" has been drowned by the noise.

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