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All Sham, No Wow

The One's infomercial last night got panned by infomercial experts. Well, they would know.

No, I had better things to do than watch. I wonder how many others felt the same way?


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Dave Baker wrote:

That's it! I'm glad we've got Joe the Plumber on our side, but the real question is who is Vince backing?

Tennyson wrote:

Whaddya mean, All Sham No Wow? The guy in this picture might beg to disagree...

DCE wrote:

Where's Ron Popeil when we need him?

RJ wrote:

No Billy Mays?! WTF?

Roux wrote:

I felt the same. There's no way I could ever be swayed by Barry Obama the-street-hustler-from-Chicago but his infomercial was weak.

William wrote:

We know in marketing that, when you have more money than you know what to do with, you tend to find ways to waste. You buy inefficient media because "you can". That's what the infomercial was.

Gives you some insight as to what will happen when he has all the government's tax money too.

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