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Another Reason To Want To Keep Obama A Senator

Categories: Political Commentary
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Raoul Ortega wrote:

Not only that, but according to the article Biden, like the Senator from Chappaquidick, has already left his seat to one of his children in his political will. Maybe we should just rename it The House of Lords.

II wrote:

Did you like the house of Bush? Is it coming back with Jeb someday or has George burnt the house down?

Jackson has little chance of getting this. Drudge is simply trying to hype the black thing, fishing for votes.

Talking about the Senate, another Republican for Obama:

The first Vietnam Vet in the Senate voted for Obama? Someone tell the Corner.

Jonathan wrote:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, JJ Jr's would-be competitor for Obama's Senate seat, would be just as bad.

Bill Maron wrote:

Restraints on executive pay? Where are these closet socialists coming from? Some Republican. How do you know what chance he has, anon dic@head II? If he kisses the right asses is Chicago, all things are possible.

Carl Pham wrote:

Talking about the Senate, another Republican for Obama:

II, you clueless dweeb, according to the latest Gallup poll a whole 5% of self-described conservative Republicans support Obama, just like a whopping 2% of self-described liberal Democrats support McCain.

So, with approximately 50 million Democrats out there and 35 million Republicans, there are over a million liberal Democrats voting for McCain, and over a million conservative Republicans voting for Obama, before we even get into squishes from either party whose party identification is weak.

Your ability to pick out a handful of Republicans that will vote for Obama is, to say the least, underwhelming.

II wrote:

Carl you oversized pumpernickel, How many Democratic ex-Senators and Governors are supporting McCain?

Other than sloppy Joe Liebermun that is?

Numbers equal?

Chris Gerrib wrote:

If I were Jesse Jr., I wouldn't be measuring Senate windows for drapes yet. Governor Blagojovich is even less popular in Illinois then President Bush (Blago has an 18% approval rating). Our governor may make an appointment (or at least an announcement of an appointment - he's big on talking out of his hat) with an eye to avoiding a challenger in the primaries.

In that case, we could have Senator Lisa Madigan.

Carl Pham wrote:

How many Democratic ex-Senators and Governors are supporting McCain?

II, you celebrity ass-kissing intellectual bantam-weight, who cares? I can't even be bothered to look it up (and I am sure there are a few).

Over here on the individual-liberty American-values side of the fence, we think our own thoughts, and form our own opinions. We don't value the opinion of a Senator any more than the opinion of, well, a plumber. Or our honest and worthy next-door neighbor. Or our fathers. We are underwhelmed by the modern culture of celebrity that thinks just because a guy won the Superbowl, an Oscar, the Tour de France, or a popular election, he must have a more worthwhile opinion on everything.

You're arguments make beaucoup sense for your own side. Anyone who would base his vote for President on what some tuxed-out superstar says is almost certainly an Obama voter already.

But that doesn't mean there aren't a few dregs left for you! Why don't you go prowling around AOL chatrooms and offer your tidbits? I'm sure there are some gum-chewing 19-year-old Valley girl cosmetology students who've never heard of either candidate yet, and would be way impressed with your list of People magazine cover celebrity Obama endorsers. You could help boost Obama's support in this crucial demographic from 98%to 99.8%.

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