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An interesting anecdote about leftist hissing.

These people would be an interest case study in mass psychosis if they weren't about to potentially come into power. As it is, it's a little frightening.


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T.L. James wrote:

...And the anonymous morons will be along any moment now with their bogus moral equivalencies about how "the right does it too only much much worse!1!11!!!".

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Would be interesting to know how crowd noises come about. Boos, raspberries, hisses, these are all part of the fun. Historically, certain armies have had distinctive yells, for example, the Japanese Imperial Army of the Second World War and its "Banzai" cry or the "rebel yell" of Confederate soldiers during the US Civil War.

The Pathetic Earthling wrote:

I've seen my share of hissing. It's okay, however, because the things the right says need to be suppressed and the left can be trusted to support important dissent when and where it is appropriate.

What was it Lenin said? Freedom is so precious it must be rationed.

Carl Pham wrote:

At MIT, at least in the 1980s, the student Lecture Series Committee (LSC) used to raise money to bring in interesting lecturers (Chuck Jones, John Anderson, R. Buckminster Fuller) by showing movies and charging $1 admission.

Not surprisingly, since the entire operation was run by students on a shoestring, the movie would occasionally break or the projector become deranged. (In those days, for any whippersnappers reading, it was a real 35mm film, inasmuch as videotape projectors were very expensive and digital hadn't been invented yet.)

It was traditional, when that happened, for one nerd in the audience to yell "LSC...!" and for the entire audience to respond, at top volume, "!" This was generally understood to be in the way of a mild motivating comment to those in the projection booth.

What makes this phenomenon other than a boring college anecdote is the fact that when Return of the Jedi opened in Boston, and I went to see it, there was a small glitch in the film. Sure enough, someone in the audience yelled out "LSC...!" and at least a quarter of the audience yelled back "!".

I've often wondered what the rest of the audience, presumably normal Bostonians, thought of this bizarre incident.

Jason Bontrager wrote:

Democrats are Slytherins? That explains much.

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