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Democrats Against Obama

I suspect that there are a lot more of these folks than there are Republicans against McCain. And they've connected the ACORN dots between Obama, the Dems in Congress and the housing meltdown.


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Paul Hsieh wrote:

Wow -- I had no idea that so many Democrats were racists!

Mike Gerson wrote:

Now we know that John McCain and Sarah Palin have changed their uniforms, are no longer Republicans, and are running against their former Party.

And now here it looks like we have some other Republicans who have, in addition to dropping their uniforms, actually become Racist Democrats.

Wow. Looks like the fleas are fleeing the cadaver. ;-)

Bill White wrote:

Rand, if you are secure in your suspicions, great wealth awaits you on Intrade given the low low price now being asked for John McCain contracts.

memomachine wrote:


"Wow -- I had no idea that so many Democrats were racists!"

You never heard of "Bull" Connor?

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