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Gaffe A Minute

Joe Biden helpfully explains why we shouldn't vote for Barack Obama.


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kayawanee wrote:

Please remember--this man is but a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Mike Gerson wrote:

I'd take a gaffe machine over a gibberish machine any day!

A gaffe is just a gaffe. A few gaffes here and there in a perfectly capable person - who cares? If anything it's good entertainment.

Gibberish speakers on the other hand confound even the conservatives who want to understand whether Palin is a Bushite or a Reaganite. Gibberish isn't entertainment - it's puzzlement, befuddlement and utter confusion - the chaotic babbling of conservative keywords in disconnected sentences.

Gibberish is terminal, and not just for the English language. Gaffes are simply a mild allergy that result in snickering and occasional guffaws; in the right person, even quite endearing.

That is probably why Virginia is turning blue. Virginians, even the real ones, can't handle McCain's Choice of Gibberish Sarah - his Nightmare Date from Alaska.

Meanwhile, still no medical records from Palin. Why? Mental Issues?

Rand Simberg wrote:

I'd take a gaffe machine over a gibberish machine any day!

Well, only one of those is on offer. My choice, therefore, is neither.

Cecil Trotter wrote:

"Iíve forgotten more about foreign policy than most of my colleagues know"

Yeah, and he must have forgotten all of that just before the VP debate.

Big D wrote:

Wait, speaking of medical records, did we ever get anything beyond that 1-page "he's healthy enough to play" note from Obama's doctor?

For that matter, did we ever get Kerry's full military papers?

Bill Maron wrote:

You'll have to explain that logic again. Biden can't get facts straight, misremembers events in his life and is somehow capable? I'll give you he's entertaining in a Clark Griswold sort of way.

If Obama does win, I'll be upset because I think it will be bad for the country. I'll immediately start working towards his defeat in '12 but people like Mike will suffer angst I can't imagine based on the vitriol that oozes forth. I would almost enjoy the spectacles that will abound if I wasn't really decent at heart. Well maybe a few of them.

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