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Is There Any Word Or Phrase

...that isn't a code word for "black"? Yes, that's right, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was just chock full of black folks.

This is a piece by a stupid, stupid man.


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Jay Manifold wrote:

Diuguid's stuff could be written by a software engine. Stunningly banal, frequently race-baiting, and virtually unchanged in the 20 years he's been an editorial columnist here. I suspect the Star of outright tokenism in employing him.

Raoul Ortega wrote:

Wouldn't it be easier for him to just give us a list of words that aren't racist?

Joseph T Major wrote:

Raoul Ortega asks, "Wouldn't it be easier for [Lewis Diuguid] to just give us a list of words that aren't racist?"

It would probably be like this:

memomachine wrote:


I guess ... maybe ... "black" wouldn't be a codeword for black?

Otherwise it depends on how offended someone wants to pretend to be.

Carl Pham wrote:

"black" wouldn't be a codeword for black?

Uh oh, so that means "white" is? Unless maybe "white" is "black" in the New Oceania, which it very well might be, this time next year.

bbbeard wrote:

Here's a list of words that come to mind when reading Lewis Diuguid's column:


I would add "socialist", but that would be, you know, racist. I'm sure Diuguid would helpfully clarify how all these terms are "code words" for "black".

Having said all that, I think you have to acknowledge the one valid point Diuguid makes (though he makes it by standing it on its head). The civil rights movement was in fact strongly supported by the left wing, and by left wing I mean the CPUSA and fellow travelers. The fact that it was also supported by well-meaning folks across the political spectrum does not erase the stain of association with scum like Paul Robeson. Despite the heroic rescue of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Senate Republicans, the right wing by and large was unmoved by the civil rights struggle. This was wrong both tactically and strategically, and is part of the reason that festering sores like the Trinity United Church continue to prosper.

Bob wrote:

Rand, I think you are right, and the author of the linked article is wrong. But here's an example of what causes the author to get his crazy ideas:

Wince and Nod wrote:

I'm from KC. I've read more Lewis Diuguid columns than I want to. He's a nice man, but I wish he'd get a job where he didn't write, since his columns only hurt race relations in this community.


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