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Is There Enough Makeup In The World?

I thought it was a gag (in multiple senses of the word) when I heard that Annette Bening was going to play Helen Thomas in a movie. But it's twue, it's twue.

On the other hand, it's probably a lot easier to make Annette Bening look like Helen Thomas than vicey versy.

[Via Driscoll]


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edh wrote:

Makeup by Ugly Stick?

Bill Maron wrote:

How about getting beat with the ugly stick until it broke?

Kevin R.C. O'Brien wrote:

Yeah, Hollywood wakes up to the pent-up demand for a Helen Who? biopic.

Those clowns are so far beyond parody it takes nine years for a TV rerun of This Is Spinal Tap to reach them.

Jim C. wrote:

Benning will need about 4 hours for the makeup.

Okay, maybe Thomas wasn't quite as ugly 35 years ago.

So it'll only be 3 hours for makeup.

DJMoore wrote:

I've got pictures up at my place.

Bening is now 50, which I believe is about the same age Thomas was during the Nixon years. She's no longer the saucy grifter we all remember, or even the President's girlfriend.

But Thomas never in her life looked as good as Bening does even now.

Hey, you know who they ought to get to play Thomas?

Bridget Bardot.

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