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Justice, At Last

O.J. Simpson is finally going to do some hard time.

[Mid-afternoon update]

No smirking at this verdict. He's been getting away with bad behavior all of his life. He must be wondering what finally went wrong.


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Rich wrote:

Amazing, the number of comments from people who want him punished for being acquitted for murder. Yeah, he probably did it, but California and Los Angeles prosecuters (and investigators) blew the case in their zeal for headlines.

Meanwhile, there are enough twists and turns in this case to support several years of appeals, and Simpson is not a young man. Bail will probably granted in time. He may never live to see the inside of the Nevada State prison.

Rand Simberg wrote:

No one wants to punish him for being acquitted of murder. They (and I) want to see him punished for the murders themselves, of which he's clearly guilty.

philw1776 wrote:

What a sad turn to the story. How will OJ ever find Nicole's killers while behind bars? How will he vote for change now that he's a convicted felon?

Barbara Skolaut wrote:

"How will OJ ever find Nicole's killers while behind bars?"

Perhaps he can ask the judge to be sentenced to a prison that has a golf course, philw1776.

That's where he's been "looking for the real killer" all this time. (Golf courses, not prisons - though both works for me.)

ken anthony wrote:

If any complain about fairness, I think giving him 13 years off was more than fair. I like the bit where he replaces all the pictures in his house with MLK and such before walking the jury thru...

Who today has picked up that mantle of fraud, hmmm?

Bob wrote:

Ken, that's a disgusting comparison. I never thought I'd stick up for OJ, but he only lied about killing two people, and not the multitudes killed by that lying bastard Putin.

ken anthony wrote:

Which disgusting comparison is that Bob?

Anonymous wrote:

Comparing OJ to Putin?

ken anthony wrote:

Thanks for playing Anon, I don't see Putin in my original comment.

Bob wrote:

Ken, I was kidding around - which doesn't always translate in this medium. Who has picked up the mantle of fraud? If someone has the mantle, I thought it might be Putin. He seemed like such a democrat in the beginning. So, who were you thinking of?

ken anthony wrote:

Putin was never a democrat, but then you did say seemed so I guess that fits with the fraud meme. I had a lot of people in mind, there seems to be no end to the list of frauds out there.

I did get the humor of your post (my problem is I find humor everywhere, intentional or not.)

Discovering that 1% of all people are sociopaths and that the percentage is much higher among politicians has allowed a few of the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. They can lie to your face, even knowing that you know it's a lie. They have no shame. They can repeat a phrase like 'affordable housing' in a context where it is nothing but fraud and do it over and over again.

It makes me think that euthanasia may not be such a bad idea after all. OK, that's a rather morbid joke on my part, but seriously it's a real problem that for the first time in my life is about to overcome our governments checks and balances.

The voters overwhelmingly didn't want the bailout, but were ignored. A majority of voters would like to replace the entire congress, but it can't really happen the way things are set up.

When I and the country were younger, someone with Obama's credentials might be qualified for mayor of a small town, but not a governor and certainly not POTUS. It's absolutely ridiculous. Then to claim that Sarah, with at least ten years of executive experience including Govenor, is not qualified to be VP? Astounding! I read someone refer to the drudge/fox/limbaugh axis with seriousness, when every other tv and paper in the country is blatantly in the tank for one political party... to the point that they don't even see their own bias. It's perfectly alright for someone with a financial conflict of interest to be a moderator? Amazing!

We are one step away from becoming slaves to our government, if we are not already. It's frightening.

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