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More On NASA Morale

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K wrote:

Poor Morale? Let me tell you about poor morale. Poor morale is when the Soviet Union has collasped, you're one of the "baby killer" defense engineers, and the LA Times publishes a massively gleeful article on Christmas day about how you and your disgusting ilk will soon be out of a job. Low morale is when you're the last guy on a floor the size of a football field, having watched everybody else get laid off before you. Low morale is having a 50 year old physicist you don't know literally break down and cry in front of you, begging you to intercede for his job because he thinks you have some friends in management. Poor morale is watching dead people being carried out of the building after having heart attacks at work and finding out from the plant guards that they get one every 2 weeks. Poor morale is trying to find some mention of the 650,000 people who were laid off in the media and finding less coverage than Palin's tanning bed gets now. Where in IEEE Spectrum the comment is made that the layoffs are good because it will allow more women and minorites to be hired into aerospace and NASA.

If this is what they mean by "Poor morale" then my heart goes out to them.

Josh Reiter wrote:

"Let me tell you about poor morale.......

Tough week at work, huh?

K wrote:

In comparison to the early nineties, every day at work these days is a breeze, as I expect it is for the the poor NASA folks whose biggest problem seems is being put upon by the naughty bloggers.

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