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Remembering A Sixties Terrorist

Here's an Ayers story from Ann Arbor that I'd never heard before, but it shocks me not at all:

Bill Ayers' apartment was around the corner and a half a block away from the sorority house. The more time I spent there, the more out of place I felt with my sisters. Sometimes I would stop by just to keep from having to go back to a place I had begun to think of as boring. I guess it was one of those evenings -- maybe on the way back from the library, maybe just to get out of the sorority house, I don't remember exactly. What I do recall is that when I was getting ready to leave Ayers told me I couldn't go until I slept with his roommate and his brother. At this point Bill and I had slept together just once. I was sexually inexperienced, having had only one serious boyfriend with whom I had recently broken up.

At first I thought Ayers was joking. I got up; and went to the door. He moved quickly to block me at the doorway. He locked the door and put the chain on it. I went to the couch and sat down and told him that I had no intention of having sex with his roommate and his brother or him. He said that I had no choice but to do as he said if I wanted to get out of there. He claimed that I wouldn't sleep with his married roommate because he was black -- that I was a bigot. I had gone to school with black kids and had them as friends all my life. I couldn't believe he was saying that to me.

I felt trapped. I had to get out of the situation I was in and because he was so effective a guilt-tripper, I also felt I had to prove to him that I wasn't a bigot. I got up from the couch and walked over to the black roommate's bed and put myself on it and he f***ed me. I went totally out of my body. I floated beside myself on the outside and above the bed looking at this black stranger f*** me angrily while I hated myself.

I'm sure that he's rehabilitated, though.

Barack Obama allied himself with a sociopath.

It's also worth noting, for those unaware, that a large part of the feminist movement in the seventies was driven by the fact that the sixties campus radical men were famous for being prototypical male chauvinist pigs. They would busily write their manifestos, and expect the women to cook, clean and service them sexually.

[Update a few minutes later]

It just occurs to me that this was depicted very clearly in Forrest Gump.


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K wrote:

The brutalities of the Vietnam war and those who fought in it have been very well documented. The excesses of the new left radicals who styled themselves as revolutionaries during that same period has barely even been mentioned. So it follows that Obama gets a pass on his associations.

Ralphe wrote:

It may not shock you, I hope that was nothing more than a turn of phrase, but it shocks me deeply. The fact that such a thing might have happened (I don't dismiss the possibility of a politically motivated lie) and undoubtedly did happen in some circumstances, makes me very uncomfortable, to put it mildly.

Shocked is not too harsh a term for such (may I say depravity) whether it actually took place or for the smear should that be the case.

I also feel sorrow for anyone who would let themselves be treated that way without any kind of a fight and then not go to the police afterwards.

The amount of guilt one must feel for something like this to occur is beyond me. I do indeed find it shocking. So there is something very wrong in either the event or it's reporting.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I don't dismiss the possibility of a politically motivated lie

What would be the "political motivation" of such a "lie"?

The piece I linked was written in 2006, long before most had ever heard of Bill Ayers, and long before Barack Obama was on the verge of being elected president.

What I meant was that I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Bill Ayers behaved in this way. Unfortunately, I also wouldn't be shocked to learn that a lot of sixties campus radicals behaved this way. But certainly there's no reason to think that a nihilistic sociopath like Bill Ayers wouldn't do so.

What I find really shocking (and dismaying) is that people think that Barack Obama's political alliance and person relationship with such a person is no big deal.

wickedpinto wrote:

In that video of the weathermen, you can see the guilt that flanagan feels about "Smash Monogamy" when he says it.

It was self applied rape.

All of the weathermen are sociopaths.

Kelly Starks wrote:

Amazing how often self styled saviors of the masses, treat actual people with utter contempt.

Guess it figures though. The premise of a savior is that general people are to stupid to take care of themselves, and need the ellette saviors guidence.

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