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Sarah Biden's Gaffes

McCain should have dropped this idiot from the ticket weeks ago.

By the way, sorry for the light live blogging of the workshop, but I had some side meetings this afternoon. More in the morning.


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MG wrote:

The problem, Mr. Simberg, is that Joe Biden isn't ON McCain's ticket. Even though Slo' Joe has said at least once that he would be honored to campaign with (or against) Senator McCain.

OTOH, perhaps The One can replace Senator Biden with somebody readier to assume the Presidency. Like, say, Senator Clinton. And her husband.

Rich wrote:

Er, Rand, that VDH column was a parody, and at least one of the gaffes was made by Biden, not Palin. Of course the MSM being so firmly in the tank for the donkeys is probably the reason it isn't prime time news.

If your reaction was also parody, it missed the mark with me, but I've been called slow before.

Rand Simberg wrote:

If your reaction was also parody, it missed the mark with me, but I've been called slow before.

Well, either it was sarcastic, or I'm an idiot. I like to think that I'm more renowned for the former than the latter.

ken anthony wrote:

Rand, we obviously need more funding for humor impairment and funny bone replacement therapy.

MG, those were all Biden gaffes.

Go Sarah-Cuda!

I was disappointed by the populist stand McCain-Palin have taken against the evil capitalists, but given the media situation I can perhaps forgive it to a small extent.

ken anthony wrote:

Sorry, my comment to MG should actually be to Rich.

Robin Goodfellow wrote:

While reading that article I kept waiting for the reveal at the end, which never materialized. Which made me smile but also made me wonder if the piece was too subtle for general consumption.

From the above I think we can answer that question.

P.S. For the clueless and/or humor impaired take special note of the name: Sarah BIDEN.

Robin Goodfellow wrote:

@ken if you won't take a stand when the chips are down does it actually matter what rhetoric you spout or what you "honestly believe" inside? You can claim you're an expert automobile driver, you could have read many books, taken many courses, given many lectures to others, but the only thing that matters is how you drive when you're behind the wheel.

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