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Serve Them Right

Some tips to prevent campaign sign stealing.

Funny, but I haven't heard of any stories about Obama/Biden signs being stolen.


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Kilroy wrote:

Razor blades and a hot glue gun work better.

Jim Harris wrote:

Funny, but I haven't heard of any stories about Obama/Biden signs being stolen.

There is nothing remotely surprising about the fact that you haven't heard these stories. You're not going to hear them, believe them, or remember them unless you want to. All it would have taken is one Google search, "Obama yard signs stolen", to find examples.

And the deeper point is not just that it happens on both sides. People always start complaining about stolen yard signs in presidential elections. They're basically admitting that they don't care to discuss the issues, or any other aspect of the election that would take any thought.

Anonymous wrote:

In Canada, Liberals (center-left) have had their automobile brake lines cut for displaying signs:

Carl Pham wrote:


Carl Pham wrote:

Hey, did you steal my McCain/Palin sign, Jim? Shame.

| McCain/Palin |

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Google is a marvelous tool for these sorts of things. Among it's many uses, we can use it to determine which party has the stickier fingers. A google search for obama yard signs stolen returns 101,000 hits. A similar search for mccain yard signs stolen returns 101,000 hits as well. In other words, maybe my hope of definitiveness was a bit premature. I blame Bush for this parity in thievery.

OTOH, Democrats have the edge on evil (8,580,000 hits versus 7,440,000 hits).

Jim Harris wrote:

Google is a marvelous tool for these sorts of things.

If Google alone is a useful tool, Google and common sense together are a killer combination. The yard sign thing is not a search that I needed or found interesting. I only did it to communicate to people who think that Democrats have stolen the word "gullible" from the world's dictionaries.

Granted, they probably won't change their minds no matter what Google says.

Jim Harris wrote:

Carl, I have to say that today you have a decent sense of humor.

Clearly, the McCain campaign needs to hand out more ASCII yard signs.

Josh Reiter wrote:

If he had a Canon Powershot then he could load it up with the CHDK firmware extension and run a motion detection script. Just setup the camera in a inconspicuous location, fix focus, and frame the shot on the sign. When someone walks into the picture the camera will automatically go off. CHDK will also let you customize the ISO, aperture, and f-stop to handle low light photography. A crazed out ISO of 1500 will probably produce a lot of noise but give some idea of who or what it is.

Something like this is probably being done by someone in the neighborhood.

Anonymous wrote:

Talking about theft,

Looks like McCain is trying to steal the Middle Class away from Obama:

Orville wrote:

Missouri is supposed to be a battleground state, but here in KC I'm really not seeing many McCain/Palin signs at all. There are definitely more Obama signs, but subjectively, the total number of signs overall seems to have declined from previous presidential elections.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Looks like McCain is trying to steal the Middle Class away from Obama:

Interesting attempt to characterize off topic link spam. I guess there are humans behind the mask.

Daveon wrote:

There was an article on 538 a week or so ago saying that the Obama campaign has been very slow at getting yard signs out and they've not been a priority for them this year. The GOTV and ground game have been focused on more.

jack lee wrote:

The Author should hook up an IR Motion Detector to a loud
recording of an old man shouting
"You kids get off my lawn".

It would preserve his signs and broadcast the McCain
Slogan at the same time

Carl Pham wrote:

Looks like McCain is trying to steal the Middle Class away from Obama

Ah, so you're saying you Obots think the middle class is rightly Obama's property?

That explains a lot.

Josh Reiter wrote:

My fiance's parents live in Santa Fe right now. Not so much because they want to but because of career reasons. They just recently put some McCain/Palin signs up on the front lawn. The very first night, someone came and took the signs. They heard someone else down the road tried to put signs out and theirs were stolen as well.

Apparently, Republicans living in a sea of Liberals are having a pretty tough time around Santa Fe right now. They know one family who has an autistic kid in school and all the other kids are picking on him because his parents are Republican. Also, my fiance's parents recently went to the grand re-opening of the historic train station (Santa Fe hit its stride when it became a rail town). They said the activist crowd used it as an oppurtunity to come out and tout Obama. Even the people selling hot dogs and trinkets were all wearing big Obama buttons. When, they tried to buy something to eat they were standing in line and noticed that the guy behind the counter was asking everyone who they were going to vote for. When he asked one old guy ahead of them he said, "Well I can tell you I'm not voting for that idiot", and pointed at his button. The hot dog man said, "Well go ahead and vote on the side of evil, then." Needless to say, they were filled with dread when it was their turn. Sure enough, he asked them, too. They shut him down quick and said, "Is this a hot dog stand or a polling booth."

Andy Freeman wrote:

Would it be wrong to put magnetic McCain bumperstickers on cars in Obama areas? The likely result is that those cars would be vandalized....

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