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Simonyi's Announcement

There's going to be a press conference at 11:30 this morning to announce his return visit to ISS. Jeff Foust plans to live blog it.

[Afternoon update]

Here is the site for the live blogging. Unfortunately, he seems to be blogging it in lorem ipsum, and I've never learned to read that language. Maybe he'll have an English version up later.


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memomachine wrote:


Nice to know the $100+ billion dollar ISS will have a use to -someone- on this planet.

Though someone has to explain to me, in small words please, why and how it is that an American taxpayer federally funded $100+ billion dollar space station can be used this way by a private company for tourism.

ken anthony wrote:

I believe it is the I in ISS.

memomachine wrote:


So an -International- space station paid for by taxpayers, the vast majority of whom are American, entitles anybody to dock?

Kill the ISS.

Kill NASA.

They're both worthless.

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