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Some Thoughts On Unnamed Sources

Why should we believe CNN?

They, and much of the media, have done much to earn our distrust.


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ken anthony wrote:

Links broken.

What's bothersome is not the bias so much as the fact that they and all the rest are going to get a pass from most people. Worse may be that these lies will be spread as gospel.

Mike Drew wrote:

Pretty much we all understand that the media all have a very liberal illuminati bias in their reporting. I just stop listening to their lies as much as possible.

Carl Pham wrote:

Well, you know, one reason the MSM have become more openly biased is because they've shed so many right-leaning and even centrist readers and viewers. The people who still watch NBC and still take them seriously are far more left-leaning than they used to be. So NBC caters to them. What's the surprise?

This was easily predictable from the time talk radio and then the Internet began siphoning away those who found the big media bias annoying. The result, contrary to the naive expectation, was not big media trying to recapture that audience by addressing their bias, but to increase their bias to please the (more left-leaning) audience they still had left, not least of all because that was what they wanted to do anyway.

II wrote:

Since links gone bad, watch McCain count to five and mess it up:

He's such a nice guy. I'll get back to liking him if he loses.

MG wrote:

Q: Why should we trust CNN?

A: Two words: Eason Jordan. Went to any and ALL lengths to maintain access in Pre-OIF Iraq. And got promoted after April 9, 2003.

PeterH wrote:

In my book, unnamed sources are less reliable than hearsay.

Bill Maron wrote:

The MSM castigated itself for not digging deep enough before the invasion of Iraq. Any bets on a similar introspection when the Uno's Presidency and the country go in directions a democracy is not supposed to go?

ken anthony wrote:

I agree with Carl regarding the moving left dynamics. What I don't get is why they can't be discredited thoroughly when they get caught in bad practices. It shouldn't take more than 10% of the population understanding the issue to do the job, no matter how loud the wackos protest. Facts is facts. We aught to be able to club them to death with them and remove any credibility they have.

Let's start with exact words Charlie. He lied. His credibility should be gone. The media should be ashamed to have him on the payroll.

Biden the gaffe machine... He has credibility? He should be pounded into dust and Obama's executive decision made the public scorn they've tried to paint McCain's choice of Palin with.

Instead, the media gets to edit Palin into the most unfavorable light. Too bad for them Palin isn't anywhere near the idiot they try to paint her as.

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