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The Fascist MSM

Treacher nails it:

The whole "He's not a licensed plumber!" non sequitur is really fantastic. So, if you happen to be standing in front of Obama when he publicly reveals his socialism, what does the media do? Demands to see your papers. That's just delicious, is what that is.

Read the whole thing.


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ken anthony wrote:

A single ray of hope is that the public gets this and have been coming out for Palin rallies in incredible numbers. If these people are not reflected in the polling we may yet see a good result this election.

Frank Glover wrote:

And Elon Musk isn't a rocket engineer (not scientist) either, and yet...

The obvious answer from either man would be: "Hello? If I can get this business started, I will *hire* some plumbers/engineers."

(I don't have real engineering creds either, but had I the deep pockets, I'd be doing what Elon [or more likely, Jeff Bezos] are doing, too. Including having concerns about my eventual tax situation.)

Bald Tires wrote:

The economic ignorance of BHO and his sidekick JB is just immense. "Joe the Plumber" said it was the COMPANY that MAKES $250K a year. The word MAKES probably refers to the company's gross revenue, not its net taxable income (after deducting allowable expenses). And the COMPANY is a two person firm. Work out the math. For $250K gross, 4000 billable hours a year, that's a billable labor rate of $62 /hour, which is actually $10-$20 low for good plumbers these days. Around my part of the country, $80 is the going rate, and good firms can rack up at least 44 hours a week for every employee with a heart beat. That works out to a gross of $350K a year for a 2 person plumbing business.

Leo wrote:

Does anyone else remember someone asking Bill Clinton whether any society had ever taxed itself into prosperity?

I recall a similar inquisition...

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